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2023 BMW R Nine T Pure

A brief history of the BMW R nineT Pure

The BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc was first introduced in 2016 as part of the R nineT family, which was initiated in 2013 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of BMW Motorrad. The R nineT lineup was conceived to provide a fusion of retro styling and modern technology, allowing riders to explore the world of customization while enjoying a dependable, high-performance motorcycle. The Pure model, in particular, focuses on minimalist design and functionality, offering an accessible and customizable entry point for enthusiasts seeking a classic roadster experience with the reliability and engineering prowess of BMW.

Key features of the motorcycle

The BMW R nineT Pure boasts an air-cooled, 1,170cc Boxer engine, delivering 109 horsepower and 85 lb-ft of torque, providing a smooth and engaging ride experience in various conditions. The bike is equipped with telescopic forks at the front and a cast aluminum single-sided swingarm with BMW Motorrad Paralever at the rear, offering a balanced suspension setup. Standard features include LED headlights and turn indicators, a classic round speedometer, a single-pipe exhaust system, ABS Pro, and an onboard computer with essential riding information. Various customization options, such as the Option 719 billet pack Classic II and Option 719 Wheel Classic, enable riders to create a unique and personalized motorcycle.

Target audience and market segment

The target audience for the BMW R nineT Pure encompasses a wide range of riders who are attracted to the timeless design, simplicity, and customization potential of the Pure model. The bike appeals to classic roadster enthusiasts, city riders seeking a nimble and stylish motorcycle, and those interested in entering the world of BMW Motorrad heritage without breaking the bank. With its versatile customization options and a focus on the essentials, the R nineT Pure is an excellent choice for riders seeking an authentic and personalized riding experience.

Comparisons with previous models

Compared to previous models within the R nineT family, the Pure takes a more minimalist and focused approach in terms of design and features. While it inherits the core elements that define the R nineT lineup, such as the air-cooled Boxer engine and distinctive styling, the Pure streamlines these elements into a more straightforward and accessible package. As such, the R nineT Pure can be considered a distilled version of the original R nineT motorcycle, offering a refined and concentrated riding experience with all the essential features and the opportunity for customization that has come to define the R nineT family.

Minimalist and Classic Look

The BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc is a true embodiment of minimalism and classic design, successfully blending modern elements with iconic heritage. Its simplicity is evident in the uncluttered lines, naked engine, compact fuel tank, and slim rear, offering a stripped-down yet enticing visual appeal. The classic round headlight and the traditional tubular frame showcase BMW’s nod to its historical roots, while the modern LED turn indicators demonstrate the seamless fusion of old and new. The use of a single, round speedometer further emphasizes the minimalist design philosophy, allowing riders to focus on the essentials without any distractions.

Color Options and Customization Potential

One of the most alluring aspects of the BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc is its customization potential. BMW offers three color options for riders to choose from, including Option 719 Underground/Light White, Option 719 Pollux Metallic/Light White, and Mineral Gray Metallic. Furthermore, the extensive range of high-quality factory packages and accessories allows riders to truly personalize their motorcycle. Options such as the Option 719 billet pack Classic II, tubeless spoked wheels with the Option 719 Wheel Classic, and various paint sets ensure that no two R nineT Pures are alike. The possibilities for personalization are limited only by the rider’s imagination, allowing them to create a highly individualistic machine that stands out on the road.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Despite its minimalist design, the BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc does not compromise on comfort and ergonomics. The neutral, upright riding position offers excellent control and visibility, while the 31.7-inch seat height accommodates a wide variety of riders. The slim, compact fuel tank ensures ease of maneuverability, making the R nineT Pure an ideal choice for both urban riding and weekend escapes. Many riders have praised the R nineT Pure’s smooth suspension and responsive brakes, contributing to an enjoyable and comfortable ride. Optional features such as heated grips and cruise control further enhance the overall riding experience, ensuring that long journeys are enjoyable and fatigue-free.

Materials and Build Quality

The BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc boasts exceptional materials and build quality, reflecting the superior craftsmanship BMW is renowned for. The motorcycle’s frame consists of three sections – one front and two rear sections – with a load-bearing engine-gearbox unit and a removable pillion frame for single-ride use. The suspension system employs telescopic forks at the front and a cast aluminum single-sided swing arm with BMW Motorrad paralever at the rear. This setup contributes to a nimble yet stable ride, even at various speeds. The braking system features twin-disc brakes with 4-piston calipers at the front and a single-disc brake with a double-piston floating caliper at the rear. With high-quality components, thoughtfully crafted design, and rigorous attention to detail, the BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc is a testament to durability and performance.

Performance and Handling: 1170cc Boxer Engine Power and Torque

At the heart of the BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc lies a powerful air/oil-cooled 1,170cc boxer twin engine. This engine delivers a solid 109 horsepower at 7,250 RPM and a maximum torque of 85.5 ft. lbs. at 6,000 RPM, ensuring smooth and robust performance in various riding conditions. The boxer engine’s proven design creates balanced power delivery, contributing to a satisfying experience, whether navigating through city streets or exploring the open road. Along with its impressive power, the 1170cc boxer engine offers a distinctive and resonant exhaust note that underscores the motorcycle’s classic roadster spirit while meeting modern emission control standards.

Performance and Handling: Suspension Setup and Ride Quality

The BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc features a well-balanced suspension setup that provides a blend of comfort and handling prowess. At the front, the motorcycle is fitted with telescopic forks, while the rear suspension consists of a cast aluminum single-sided swingarm with the BMW Motorrad paralever system. This combination ensures not only a supple ride over various road surfaces but also the confidence and precision needed for spirited riding. The adjustable spring strut allows riders to fine-tune the suspension to their riding preferences, ensuring an optimal balance between comfort and performance.

Performance and Handling: Braking System and ABS

Safety and control are paramount when it comes to motorcycle performance, and the BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc delivers in this regard with its impressive braking system. Upfront, the motorcycle employs twin-disc brakes and 4-piston calipers, while the rear features a single-disc brake with a double-piston floating caliper. This setup provides powerful and precise braking performance, ensuring the motorcycle can come to a controlled stop even at high speeds or during more aggressive riding. In addition, the R nineT Pure comes standard with ABS Pro braking technology, offering added safety by preventing wheel lock-up during hard braking or in slippery conditions.

Performance and Handling: Maneuverability and Stability at Various Speeds

One of the most notable characteristics of the BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc is its nimble handling and stability across a diverse range of speeds. Despite its sizable engine and 483 lbs. weight, the motorcycle remains agile and responsive, particularly during cornering and transitions between curves. The neutral riding position contributes to rider comfort and control, allowing for easier weight shifts and a more intuitive connection with the bike. Furthermore, the inclusion of Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and Rain & Road ride modes enhance the R nineT Pure’s adaptability to different roads and weather conditions, ensuring a smooth and confident ride in various situations.

Maintenance and Reliability

Service Intervals and Costs

The BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc benefits from BMW’s well-known and reliable maintenance schedules, ensuring that the motorcycle is maintained in optimal condition. Regular service intervals for the R nineT Pure include oil changes every 6,000 miles and valve clearance checks every 12,000 miles. These intervals provide a balance of performance and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that owners can enjoy hassle-free ownership of their motorcycle. In terms of costs, an oil change typically ranges from $100 to $150, while the valve clearance check may cost between $400 and $600. It’s essential to consider these costs in the overall ownership experience, as well-maintained motorcycles will deliver better performance and longevity.

Common Issues and Recalls

While the BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc is generally regarded as a reliable motorcycle, it’s essential to be aware of common issues that may arise during its lifespan. Some owners have reported issues with the transmission, specifically within the gearbox. Additionally, earlier models featured a low fuel light that would illuminate prematurely, causing confusion for riders. The good news is that BMW has addressed these issues through recalls and service bulletins, ensuring that owners can access solutions if they experience these problems. It’s vital for owners to stay informed about any recalls or service updates, as addressing these issues promptly can prevent future complications.

Long-term Durability

BMW motorcycles, including the R nineT Pure, are known for their durability and long-lasting performance. The 1170cc boxer engine has been tested and refined over many years, and its air/oil-cooled design contributes to the motorcycle’s overall durability. The R nineT Pure’s build quality is also well-regarded, with solid materials and craftsmanship ensuring a motorcycle that is built to last. Proper maintenance, as mentioned earlier, is a critical factor in achieving long-term durability. By adhering to recommended service intervals and addressing any common issues or recalls, owners can expect to enjoy their R nineT Pure for many miles and years to come.

Availability of Parts and Support from BMW

Availability of Parts

As a leading motorcycle manufacturer, BMW ensures that its parts are widely available to owners worldwide. BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc owners can confidently source genuine BMW parts from authorized dealerships, as well as from well-established online retailers. Furthermore, the aftermarket community provides various parts and upgrades, catering to the personal preferences of R nineT Pure riders. The widespread availability of parts contributes to the ease of ownership and ensures that riders can customize and maintain their motorcycles to their liking.

Support from BMW

BMW is renowned for offering excellent customer support to its motorcycle owners, including the R nineT Pure riders. In addition to providing comprehensive warranty coverage (typically three years or 36,000 miles), BMW offers its customers access to knowledgeable technicians and specialists through authorized dealerships. These experts are well-versed in the intricacies of the R nineT Pure and are equipped to deliver solutions and assistance to owners in need. With a robust network of dealerships and support, R nineT Pure owners can have peace of mind knowing that they have access to the resources and expertise required to maintain and optimize their motorcycle’s performance.

Base Price and Optional Packages

The BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc is a customizable, stylish motorcycle with a base price of $10,995. However, riders can enhance their experience by opting for additional packages and accessories offered by BMW, which can significantly increase the overall cost. The Select Package is an example of an add-on that upgrades the R nineT Pure’s functionality, including features such as Ride Modes Pro, Dynamic Traction Control, Dynamic Engine Brake Control, Adaptive Headlight, heated grips, and cruise control. Moreover, BMW provides various color options, spoked wheels, and the high-quality Option 719 billet pack Classic II for those who value attention to detail. While these packages and add-ons come with an extra cost, they allow riders to personalize their motorcycle according to their preferences and unique sense of style.

Comparing Value with Competitors

When it comes to the retro-style motorcycle segment, the BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc has formidable competition, including bikes such as the Triumph Bonneville T120, Ducati Scrambler 1100, and Moto Guzzi V7 III. Although the R nineT Pure’s base price is competitive, the additional costs for optional packages and accessories may make it more expensive than its rivals. However, it’s essential to consider the overall value of the motorcycle by taking into account factors such as build quality, performance, handling, and customization options. The R nineT Pure’s powerful air-cooled Boxer engine, responsive suspension, comfortable riding position, and extensive customizability make it a desirable choice for riders seeking a unique and engaging riding experience.

Financing and Insurance Options

BMW Motorrad offers financing solutions to help riders acquire a BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc, with various loan options and terms available to meet individual needs. Additionally, the company provides insurance plans designed specifically for BMW motorcycles, which not only cover compulsory liability insurance but also offer comprehensive coverage options such as collision and theft coverage, accessory and equipment protection, and roadside assistance. Obtaining financing and insurance through BMW Motorrad ensures that riders receive specialized, streamlined services tailored to their needs and their choice of motorcycle.

Locating Dealers and Test Riding

To get a feel for the BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc, prospective buyers should schedule a test ride at an authorized BMW Motorrad dealer. Websites like can help riders locate dealerships in their area and set up a test ride appointment. During the test ride, riders can explore the various features and performance aspects of the R nineT Pure, as well as discuss customization options and pricing with a knowledgeable sales representative. This hands-on experience allows potential buyers to make an informed decision about whether the BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc meets their personal riding preferences and requirements.

### Conclusion

In conclusion, the BMW R nineT Pure 1170cc is a distinctive and attractive option for riders seeking a blend of classic design, modern performance, and extensive customization possibilities. It successfully combines BMW’s storied heritage with up-to-date engineering and technology, offering a versatile and engaging machine that caters to a wide range of motorcycle enthusiasts. With a competitive base price, comprehensive support from BMW, and a strong reputation for durability and performance, the R nineT Pure stands out as a motorcycle that truly embodies the spirit of the iconic roadster while delivering a uniquely personal riding experience.


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