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2023 BMW F750 GS

Overview and main features

The BMW F 750 GS 853cc is a versatile adventure motorcycle that combines both on and off-road capabilities, advanced technology, and sublime comfort. It is powered by a robust 853cc parallel-twin engine, which delivers impressive performance and fuel efficiency. The F 750 GS’s frame is built with a tubular steel spaceframe, ensuring excellent stability and handling. Additionally, this motorcycle features an adjustable suspension and a sophisticated electronics package that includes selectable ride modes, ABS, and a full-color TFT display.

One major standout of the F 750 GS is its customizable nature, allowing riders to tailor the motorcycle to their preferences. This includes adjustable components such as clutch lever, foot brake pedal, gear shifter, and hand brake lever. Moreover, the F 750 GS comes with a range of optional equipment, such as Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) and TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor), further enhancing the rider experience.

In summary, the BMW F 750 GS 853cc offers a perfect blend of performance, comfort, technology, and versatility, making it the ideal choice for adventure enthusiasts, daily commuters, and weekend explorers alike.

Target audience and purpose

The BMW F 750 GS 853cc is best-suited for riders who seek an adventure motorcycle with excellent on and off-road handling, a comfortable riding experience, and sophisticated technology. Its target audience includes both experienced and intermediate riders who appreciate the versatility and customization options this motorcycle offers. The F 750 GS is particularly popular among riders looking for a bike that can handle long-distance touring, occasional off-road excursions, and daily commuting with equal ease.

The primary purpose of the BMW F 750 GS 853cc is to provide a well-rounded and capable adventure motorcycle that can tackle various riding conditions and terrains while maintaining a high level of comfort and safety. Its blend of power, technology, and rider-friendly ergonomics make it an attractive option for those in search of a dependable and enjoyable motorcycle that caters to their individual needs and preferences.

Comparable models and competition

The BMW F 750 GS 853cc faces competition from several other adventure motorcycles within the same category. Some of the most notable competitors include the Triumph Tiger 900, the KTM 790 Adventure, and the Honda Africa Twin. Each of these motorcycles offers a unique set of features, performance, and handling capabilities that cater to their respective audiences.

  • The Triumph Tiger 900 boasts a distinctive triple-cylinder engine, providing a smooth power delivery and a unique exhaust note. It also features a comprehensive electronics package, adjustable suspension, and a stylish design.
  • The KTM 790 Adventure focuses on off-road prowess, with an agile chassis, a powerful parallel-twin engine, and advanced WP suspension components. However, it might be considered less comfortable for long-distance touring compared to the F 750 GS.
  • The Honda Africa Twin offers a well-rounded package, with a strong parallel-twin engine, off-road friendly suspension, and an intuitive electronics suite. It is widely regarded as a reliable and capable adventure motorcycle.

While each of these competitors offers a compelling choice for adventure motorcycle enthusiasts, the BMW F 750 GS 853cc excels with its blend of versatility, customization options, and the strong reputation of the BMW brand.

853cc parallel-twin engine specifications

The BMW F 750 GS 853cc motorcycle boasts a powerful, water-cooled, 4-stroke parallel-twin engine, ensuring optimal performance across various terrains and conditions. This engine features four valves per cylinder, two overhead camshafts, and dry sump lubrication, which enhances efficiency and reliability. Moreover, the mixture control is managed through electronic fuel injection, while its emission control employs a closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, complying with the EU5 emission standard.

The engine’s performance benefits from a permanent magnet generator providing 416 W of nominal power, making the F 750 GS a versatile motorcycle suitable for adventure and diverse terrains. The engine’s smooth torque delivery, combined with its rider-friendly ergonomics, ensures easy handling without compromising power. The F 750 GS engine certainly sets high standards for efficiency and performance in the adventure motorcycle segment.

In addition to its performance capabilities, the F 750 GS engine has a deceptively punchy power delivery, especially when used in the ‘Dynamic’ riding mode. The bike’s superb fueling and throttle response are just a few aspects that make it stand out from competing motorcycles on the market today.

Horsepower and torque

One of the key aspects of the BMW F 750 GS 853cc engine is its impressive horsepower and torque. The engine produces a generous 77 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, ensuring a powerful and exhilarating ride. Its torque output is equally impressive, delivering 61 lb-ft that pulls strongly from 3,000 RPM to the redline.

These engine specifications make the F 750 GS motorcycle suitable for off-road adventures and spirited road rides. Despite its seemingly modest horsepower, the bike’s performance and capabilities go beyond expectations, offering a highly enjoyable and versatile riding experience. The strong horsepower and torque ensure that the F 750 GS remains a top choice for riders seeking adventure and unparalleled performance.

Transmission and drivetrain

The transmission of the BMW F 750 GS 853cc boasts a multiple-disc wet clutch (anti-hopping) and a mechanically operated gearbox, providing smooth and precise gear shifting. Furthermore, the gearbox is a constant-mesh 6-speed transmission integrated into the crankcase, ensuring optimal power delivery and efficient performance.

One standout feature of the F 750 GS is the Gear Shift Assist Pro, which allows riders to shift gears without using the clutch. This provides more control over their ride and enhances overall ride quality. The combination of the constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox with straight cut gears and Gear Shift Assist Pro makes the F 750 GS an excellent choice for riders seeking full control and seamless gear shifting experience.

Fuel efficiency and economy

In addition to its performance capabilities, the BMW F 750 GS 853cc engine is designed to be fuel-efficient. The motorcycle achieves a combined city and highway fuel efficiency of 57 MPG under optimal conditions. This impressive fuel economy ensures that the F 750 GS remains an economical choice for long-distance rides and adventures, reducing the need for frequent fuel stops and minimizing overall fuel costs.

The F 750 GS motorcycle achieves this fuel efficiency by employing advanced technologies such as liquid cooling and dry-sump lubrication systems, ensuring optimal performance without compromising fuel consumption. The result is a motorcycle with a perfect balance of power, efficiency, and economy, making it a top choice for riders seeking adventure, performance, and cost savings.

Frame and materials

The BMW F 750 GS 853cc is built on a robust and lightweight tubular steel space frame that provides a strong foundation for its diverse range of capabilities. This design effectively accommodates the load-bearing capabilities of the engine, contributing to the motorcycle’s overall stability and agility. The frame’s construction is optimized for a combination of strength, flexibility, and low weight, allowing for enhanced handling capabilities on various types of terrain and road conditions.

In addition to the high-quality frame, the motorcycle features a cast aluminum swingarm that helps to reduce the unsprung mass. This results in a more responsive suspension action and contributes to improved road-holding capabilities. Overall, the materials used in the BMW F 750 GS 853cc’s chassis are carefully chosen to ensure durability, performance, and longevity while maintaining a light overall weight for improved maneuverability.

The combination of these materials creates a strong and balanced chassis that enables the rider to experience the full potential of the motorcycle. With its carefully engineered frame and durable materials, the BMW F 750 GS 853cc delivers exceptional performance in a wide range of riding conditions, making it a versatile option for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking adventure on and off the road.

Front and rear suspension setup

The BMW F 750 GS 853cc comes equipped with a sophisticated front and rear suspension setup that ensures a comfortable and controlled ride in various conditions. The front suspension incorporates a telescopic fork with 41 mm diameter stanchions, offering a generous 204 mm of travel. This design allows for ample suspension action and effectively absorbs impacts from uneven surfaces, providing enhanced stability and control.

At the rear, the motorcycle features a cast aluminum dual swingarm with a central spring strut and hydraulic adjustability. This configuration allows the rider to fine-tune the rear suspension preload and rebound damping according to their personal preferences and riding conditions. With 219 mm of rear suspension travel, the F 750 GS 853cc effectively soaks up bumps and undulations, ensuring a comfortable and composed ride.

The advanced front and rear suspension setup found on the BMW F 750 GS 853cc provides the rider with confidence-inspiring control and comfort, regardless of the terrain or road conditions encountered during their adventures.

Adjustability and customization options

One of the standout features of the BMW F 750 GS 853cc is its range of adjustability and customization options available to the rider. These options allow for a tailored suspension setup that suits the rider’s individual needs and preferences, enhancing their overall riding experience.

For instance, the hydraulic adjustability of the rear suspension allows the rider to quickly and easily fine-tune both preload and rebound damping. This capability comes in handy when the motorcycle is carrying varying loads, as well as when traversing different types of terrain. Furthermore, the BMW F 750 GS 853cc can be optioned with Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), which further enhances the suspension’s adaptability to different riding conditions and styles.

Additionally, the F 750 GS 853cc offers various seat height and suspension options to cater to riders of different heights and preferences. With these customizable features, the BMW F 750 GS 853cc can be tailored to offer the rider an enhanced, personalized riding experience, ensuring both comfort and control on every adventure.

Handling and ride quality

Thanks to its advanced chassis and suspension system, the BMW F 750 GS 853cc delivers exceptional handling and ride quality in a wide range of conditions. With its lightweight construction and well-engineered suspension setup, the motorcycle is agile and responsive, offering precise cornering capabilities and confidence-inspiring stability.

The tubular steel space frame and cast aluminum swingarm effectively maintain a balance between rigidity and flexibility, providing a well-damped and comfortable ride over bumps and undulations. The telescopic front fork and adjustable rear suspension work together to ensure composure and control in all situations, allowing the rider to experience the full potential of the motorcycle.

In summary, the BMW F 750 GS 853cc combines advanced chassis design, sophisticated suspension components, and a wide range of adjustability options to provide a premium-quality ride and handling experience. Whether conquering challenging off-road trails or tackling twisty mountain roads, riders will find the F 750 GS 853cc to be a versatile and rewarding motorcycle to ride.

Brake System Components

The braking system on the BMW F 750 GS 853cc is designed to provide reliable stopping power under varying riding conditions. At the front, dual disc brakes with floating brake discs and double-piston floating calipers ensure progressive and efficient braking. The rear braking system features a single disc brake with a single-piston floating caliper, offering balanced and controlled stopping power. Both front and rear brakes are equipped with high-quality Brembo components, known for their exceptional performance and durability.

Accompanying these brake components are stainless steel brake lines, which improve the feel and responsiveness of the brakes by reducing the expansion often experienced with rubber brake lines. This allows for more precise and consistent brake pressure, leading to better overall braking performance. Lastly, high-quality brake pads designed for optimal heat dissipation and minimal fade ensure that the brake system remains effective even under demanding riding situations.

The braking system on the BMW F 750 GS 853cc is not just about performance; it also focuses on ease of maintenance. Brake fluid reservoirs are easy to access, making it simple for riders to check fluid levels and top off as needed. Similarly, the easily accessible calipers allow for quick brake pad inspection and replacement when necessary, ensuring that maintenance tasks can be performed efficiently and keep the bike performing at its best.

Wheel Sizes and Materials

The wheels on the BMW F 750 GS 853cc are designed to provide an optimal balance between strength, weight, and performance. The motorcycle is equipped with 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, a combination that offers a great balance of handling, stability, and comfort. This wheel size configuration contributes to the bike’s versatile nature, making it well-suited for both on-road and off-road riding situations.

Constructed from cast aluminum, the wheels are both lightweight and strong. This combination allows for reduced unsprung weight, which contributes to improved handling and suspension performance. Additionally, the cast aluminum material has excellent resistance to impact and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability in various riding conditions. The stylish design of the wheels adds a touch of sophistication and flair to the overall appearance of the motorcycle, without compromising on function or performance.

Tire Choices and Optimal Setups

Tire choices play a significant role in determining the performance, handling, and ride quality of the BMW F 750 GS 853cc. The motorcycle comes equipped with stock Bridgestone tires that provide a good balance of grip, durability, and comfort on various road surfaces. However, some riders may desire more grip or off-road capabilities, leading to different tire choices based on individual preferences and riding conditions.

For those seeking improved on-road grip, there are options such as Michelin’s Pilot Road series or Pirelli’s Angel GT tires, which offer exceptional performance on tarmac while still maintaining reasonable durability for longer rides. Conversely, riders focused on off-road terrain might prefer more aggressive tires like Continental’s TKC 80 or Metzeler’s Karoo 3, which offer excellent traction and control on dirt and gravel surfaces.

Ultimately, the optimal tire setup for the BMW F 750 GS 853cc depends on individual riding preferences, targeted riding conditions, and the desired balance between performance, longevity, and comfort. Understanding the specific needs and expectations of the rider is crucial in selecting the right tire combination to enhance the motorcycle’s capabilities.

ABS and Other Safety Features

Safety is a paramount concern for the BMW F 750 GS 853cc, and the motorcycle’s braking system incorporates various features to ensure rider confidence and protection. Standard on the bike is the BMW Motorrad ABS, a sophisticated anti-lock braking system designed to prevent wheel lockup and maintain optimal control during hard braking situations. This ABS system can be switched off, allowing more experienced riders to modulate their braking without electronic intervention.

Additionally, the motorcycle is equipped with optional Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), which aids in maintaining optimal traction under accelerating and decelerating conditions. This system works in conjunction with the ABS, providing seamless control and improved stability during aggressive riding maneuvers.

Finally, tire pressure monitoring (TPM) is available as an optional feature for the BMW F 750 GS 853cc. This system continuously monitors tire pressures and alerts the rider in case of any significant deviations, thus ensuring optimal tire performance and longevity, as well as increased safety on the road.

Electronics and Rider Aids

Standard and Optional Features

The BMW F 750 GS 853cc comes with an impressive array of standard electronic features that enhance its riding experience. These include BMW Motorrad ABS Pro, DTC (Dynamic Traction Control), selectable ride modes (Rain/Road), LED headlight and indicators, as well as a 12V power outlet, USB charging socket, adjustable handbrake, and clutch lever with connectivity. For riders seeking to further enhance their motorcycle, optional equipment such as Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), Low Suspension, Ride Modes Pro (Dynamic/Enduro), LED daytime running light, Gear Shift Assistant Pro, Keyless Ride, and TPM (tire pressure monitor) are available.

Rider Modes and Customization Options

Understanding the importance of adaptability, the BMW F 750 GS 853cc offers various rider modes and customization options to cater to each rider’s preferences. The standard ride modes are Rain and Road, which can be further expanded with the optional Ride Modes Pro, featuring Dynamic and Enduro modes. Additionally, the bike allows for adjustable suspension settings, clutch and handbrake lever positions, foot brake pedal, and gear shifter to tailor the ride according to individual comfort and control requirements.

Navigation and Connectivity Systems

Staying connected and well-informed on the road is essential for modern riders. The BMW F 750 GS 853cc addresses this need by offering an optional 6.5″ full-color TFT display, which provides real-time information such as speed, fuel levels, and trip details, as well as phone connectivity, music controls, and turn-by-turn navigation via the BMW Connect App. The seamless integration of the motorcycle’s electronics with the rider’s smartphone allows for a more enjoyable and intuitive riding experience.

Lighting and Visibility Enhancements

Ensuring the safety and visibility of both the rider and the motorcycle is crucial. The BMW F 750 GS 853cc comes standard with a bright LED headlight and indicators that provide excellent illumination during day and night rides. For those who desire an additional layer of security, the optional LED daytime running light can enhance the motorcycle’s presence and make it more noticeable to other road users. Thus, the BMW F 750 GS 853cc adeptly combines style and functionality, prioritizing rider safety and confidence on the road.

Styling and Ergonomics

Design Language and Aesthetic Choices

The design language of the BMW F 750 GS 853cc features a combination of sharp, angular lines and flowing curves, giving it a commanding and adventurous presence on the road. The motorcycle incorporates modern aesthetic elements, such as the distinctive asymmetrical LED headlights and aggressively contoured fuel tank. While the overall design maintains a strong connection to the iconic GS family, it sets itself apart with its unique visual identity, making it a perfect option for riders looking for a sense of individuality. Functionality is also evident in the design, with a high-set exhaust and skid plate, offering protection when tackling rough terrain.

Rider and Passenger Comfort

Ergonomics play a key role in the BMW F 750 GS 853cc, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both the rider and passenger. The seat is narrow, allowing for easier reach to the ground, and the handlebars are positioned for an upright, relaxed posture. With a wide range of seat height options, riders of various sizes can find their perfect fit. Additionally, the motorcycle comes equipped with adjustable clutch and brake levers, enhancing control and reducing fatigue during longer journeys. Passengers are also catered to with a well-padded rear seat and sturdy grab handles for added safety and support.

Storage and Luggage Options

Practicality is not sacrificed on the BMW F 750 GS 853cc, with ample storage and luggage options available. The motorcycle features mounting points for side cases and top cases, allowing riders to securely transport their belongings on extended trips. There are also various accessories available, such as tank bags and roll bags, offering additional storage solutions to cater to different rider preferences and needs. Additionally, the motorcycle comes with a 12V power outlet and USB charging socket, ensuring electronic devices can be charged on-the-go.

Color Schemes and Customization Options

The BMW F 750 GS 853cc offers a range of color schemes and customization options, allowing riders to express their personal style and preferences. The standard colors available are Light White, Austin Yellow Metallic, and Racing Red. For those looking for a more individual look, the motorcycle can be upgraded with the Style Sport package, which includes an eye-catching Kyanite Blue Metallic paint job, blacked-out components, and a gold-anodized chain. The customization options do not end with aesthetics; riders can also choose from various optional equipment packages, such as the Dynamic Package, Touring Package, and Comfort Package, enhancing the motorcycle’s performance, safety, and technology features.

Ownership Experience and Maintenance

Service Intervals and Required Tasks

The BMW F 750 GS 853cc is designed for ease of maintenance, featuring service intervals that are spaced out to minimize the burden on the owner. The motorcycle requires an initial break-in service at 600 miles, followed by a major service every 6,000 miles. These major services involve tasks such as changing the engine oil and filter, checking the valve clearance, replacing the air filter, and inspecting the brake system. Additionally, an annual maintenance check is recommended, regardless of mileage, to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The bike’s service schedule is designed to keep it in top working condition, allowing owners to enjoy a smooth and trouble-free riding experience.

Common Issues and Reliability Concerns

While the BMW F 750 GS 853cc is known for its high-quality build and reliability, there are a few common issues reported by riders. These concerns include minor vibrations at certain RPMs, occasional gearbox resistance when shifting from first to second gear, and a tendency for the stock tires to wear quickly. However, these issues are generally considered minor and can be managed or rectified through proper maintenance and periodic inspections. Overall, the F 750 GS enjoys a reputation for being a reliable motorcycle, with many riders praising its durability and problem-free ownership experience.

Warranty and Support Options

BMW Motorrad offers a comprehensive warranty and support package for the F 750 GS 853cc to instill confidence in their customers. The motorcycle comes with a standard 3-year/36,000-mile warranty, which covers all manufacturing defects and workmanship-related issues. In addition to the warranty, BMW Motorrad also provides a 3-year/unlimited-mileage Roadside Assistance program, ensuring that riders have access to prompt and professional support in the event of a breakdown or other emergency. Moreover, BMW dealerships and certified service centers are equipped and trained to handle all maintenance and repair needs, ensuring a high level of expertise and quality care throughout the ownership experience.

Cost of Ownership and Resale Value

The BMW F 750 GS 853cc is considered an investment-worthy motorcycle, as its cost of ownership is generally manageable, and the bike retains a strong resale value. Routine maintenance costs are considered reasonable, with the majority of expenses coming from the major services every 6,000 miles. The bike’s fuel efficiency of around 57 MPG also contributes to keeping the overall cost of ownership low. In terms of resale value, BMW motorcycles are known to hold their value well due to their reputation for quality, reliability, and performance. As such, owners can expect a strong return on investment when it comes time to sell or trade in their F 750 GS.

### Conclusion

In conclusion, the BMW F 750 GS 853cc is a versatile and reliable adventure motorcycle that boasts a perfect blend of performance, comfort, technology, and customization options. Its sophisticated electronics, adjustable suspension, and stylish design set it apart from competitors while maintaining the legendary reputation of the BMW Motorrad brand. With its diverse range of features catering to both experienced and intermediate riders, the F 750 GS 853cc proves to be an ideal choice for adventure touring, daily commuting, and off-road riding. Owning the BMW F 750 GS 853cc offers riders a unique combination of power, versatility, and personalization, making every riding experience an enjoyable and memorable adventure.


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