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2023 BMW F 850 GS Adventure

The legacy of BMW adventure motorcycles

The BMW adventure motorcycle lineage traces its roots back to the groundbreaking R 80 G/S, introduced in 1980 as the first dual-sport motorcycle of its kind. Over the years, BMW has continuously refined and expanded its adventure motorcycle offerings, leading to the creation of some of the most iconic and capable machines in the segment, such as the legendary R 1200 GS. Today, the BMW adventure lineup includes a diverse range of models, catering to various rider preferences and skill levels. As a proud member of this prestigious family, the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc upholds the brand’s tradition of offering high-quality, versatile motorcycles that excel both on and off the road.

Overview of the F 850 GS Adventure

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure is a purpose-built middleweight adventure touring motorcycle that combines the agility of the standard F 850 GS with added off-road capabilities and long-distance touring comfort. With its rugged design, powerful engine, and a suite of advanced rider assistance technologies, the F 850 GS Adventure is well-suited for a wide range of terrains and riding conditions. The bike’s distinctive features include its larger fuel tank for extended range, taller windscreen for enhanced wind protection, and reinforced engine guards for added durability. Its nimble handling, versatile capabilities, and premium build quality make the F 850 GS Adventure a compelling choice for riders seeking the ultimate adventure touring experience.

Key features of the 853cc engine

At the heart of the BMW F 850 GS Adventure lies its 853cc parallel-twin engine, developed in partnership with motorcycle component manufacturer Loncin. This liquid-cooled, four-stroke powerplant delivers an impressive 90 horsepower at 8,000 RPM and 63 lb-ft of torque at 6,250 RPM, providing a smooth and strong performance across a wide rev range. The engine features a counterbalance shaft to minimize vibrations, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride at any speed. Additionally, an advanced electronic fuel injection system and a closed-loop three-way catalytic converter ensure efficient and eco-friendly operation, making the F 850 GS Adventure a responsible choice for environmentally conscious adventure touring enthusiasts.

Adventure touring riders target audience

The target audience of the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc consists primarily of adventure touring riders who value versatility, performance, and comfort in their motorcycle. These riders seek a capable machine that can tackle long distances on pavement and confidently explore off-road terrain when the opportunity arises. The ideal F 850 GS Adventure rider appreciates the bike’s mix of agility, power, and advanced technology, allowing them to challenge themselves on a wide variety of riding conditions and terrains. Whether they are seasoned veterans of the adventure touring world or newcomers seeking a reliable and feature-packed entry point, the BMW F 850 GS Adventure offers a compelling choice for those who crave endless exploration and unforgettable adventures.

853cc Parallel-Twin Engine

The heart of the BMW F 850 GS Adventure is its powerful 853cc parallel-twin engine. This liquid-cooled, 4-stroke powerplant features double overhead camshafts and dry sump lubrication, enabling it to deliver a smooth and refined performance. The engine is equipped with electronic fuel injection and a closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly operation in all riding conditions.

The F 850 GS Adventure’s engine has a rated output of 90 hp at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 63 lb-ft at 6,250 rpm. These impressive numbers translate to excellent acceleration, strong mid-range performance, and responsive throttle response, making the bike a pleasure to ride on both paved roads and off-road trails. The engine’s power characteristics are further enhanced by a three-phase 416 W generator and a constant mesh 6-speed gearbox integrated in the crankcase, helping riders to make full use of the engine power throughout the rev range.

To ensure smooth and effortless power transmission, the F 850 GS Adventure employs a mechanically-operated, multiple-disc wet clutch with an anti-hopping feature. This advanced clutch design helps to improve riding experience by reducing the risk of rear wheel hopping and providing better control during aggressive downshifting.

Horsepower and Torque Figures

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure’s engine performance is more than just about displacement. Its 853cc parallel-twin engine produces 90 hp and 63 lb-ft of torque. These figures give the motorcycle competitive performance, offering ample power for both on-road and off-road adventures.

Power delivery is smooth and linear, providing riders with a predictable and responsive throttle feel. The strong mid-range performance makes for effortless overtaking maneuvers on the highway, while the low-end torque ensures ample grunt when tackling tough off-road terrain. The F 850 GS Adventure’s engine characteristics enable riders to enjoy a versatile and capable riding experience, regardless of the situation.

The combination of horsepower and torque figures also allows the motorcycle to achieve a balance of performance and fuel efficiency. With a reported fuel consumption of up to 57 MPG, riders can take full advantage of the F 850 GS Adventure’s capabilities without worrying too much about frequent refueling stops.

Two-Cylinder Configuration Benefits

A key advantage of the BMW F 850 GS Adventure’s two-cylinder configuration is its compact and lightweight nature, which contributes to the bike’s overall agility and handling. The parallel-twin engine design enables a more balanced weight distribution and reduced vibration, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

The two-cylinder engine also offers a distinctive exhaust note, setting it apart from single-cylinder adventure motorcycles and adding to the overall character of the F 850 GS Adventure. The compact engine design also leaves room for a larger fuel tank, contributing to the motorcycle’s long-range capabilities and making it an excellent choice for extended trips.

Furthermore, the two-cylinder configuration allows for a more manageable and user-friendly power delivery, making it suitable for riders of all skill levels. The predictable and linear power curve helps adventure riders tackle a wider range of terrains and conditions with confidence.

Comparing to Other Adventure Motorcycles

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure stands out among other adventure motorcycles due to its balanced blend of performance, versatility, and rider comfort. Its 853cc parallel-twin engine offers a competitive power output, providing ample horsepower and torque for almost any riding scenario, while still being approachable for riders of various skill levels.

Compared to its sibling, the BMW F 750 GS, the F 850 GS Adventure offers more off-road capability with a 21-inch front wheel, longer suspension travel, and all-around increased performance. The more advanced suspension components and additional ground clearance result in a more rugged, off-road focused machine, while still maintaining on-road comfort and stability.

As for other adventure motorcycles in its class, such as the KTM 890 Adventure or Yamaha Ténéré 700, the F 850 GS Adventure boasts features like Dynamic ESA, Anti-Lock Pro braking, and a customizable TFT display that provide a more premium and high-tech experience. Additionally, BMW’s reputation for quality and reliability further strengthens the F 850 GS Adventure’s appeal. In summary, the BMW F 850 GS Adventure offers a compelling mix of performance, technology, and versatility, making it a top contender in the competitive adventure motorcycle segment.

Seat Height and Adjustability

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc motorcycle provides a variety of seat height options to accommodate riders of different heights and riding preferences. The standard seat height is 35.0 inches, but the available low seat option brings it down to a more accessible 33.9 inches for shorter riders. Additionally, BMW offers an extra-low seat with a height of 32.1 inches, giving a wider range of riders the opportunity to comfortably ride this adventure motorcycle without sacrificing confidence or control. It is important to note that the seat height adjustability allows for a better fit and increased comfort during long rides, enabling riders to maintain better control and balance both on and off-road.

Windshield and Weather Protection

One of the key features of the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc is its adjustable windshield, designed to offer optimal weather protection and reduce wind noise at high speeds. The windshield can be easily adjusted to suit a rider’s height and preference, providing a comfortable and quiet riding experience. Additionally, the motorcycle offers handguards that not only protect the rider’s hands from wind and debris but also serve as a practical shield against cold weather. The combination of the adjustable windshield and handguards enhances the overall riding comfort, allowing riders to tackle all kinds of weather conditions with ease and confidence.

Handlebar Positioning for Off-Road Control

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc is designed with off-road adventures in mind, and its handlebar positioning plays a critical role in ensuring excellent control during off-road excursions. The wide handlebars offer riders a comfortable and natural grip, allowing them to maintain better control and maneuverability both on and off the pavement. The upright riding position enables riders to maintain the correct posture and balance needed to tackle uneven terrains with ease, while the Enduro footrests provide ample support and grip during challenging off-road situations. All these features contribute to a motorcycle that offers exceptional off-road control and maneuverability.

Suspension and Damping System

The suspension and damping system of the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc is designed to provide a comfortable and capable ride on a variety of terrains. The motorcycle features an upside-down telescopic fork (Ø 43 mm) for the front wheel and a cast aluminum 2-sided swing arm with adjustable damping and suspension travel for the rear wheel. This setup allows the bike to absorb impacts and maintain stability during off-road adventures, as well as providing a smooth ride on paved surfaces. The Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), available as an optional extra, automatically adjusts the suspension and damping settings based on riding conditions and offers additional modes for even greater customization. With this advanced suspension system, the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc delivers a comfortable and controlled ride suitable for all types of terrain.

Off-Road Capabilities and Features

Enduro Riding Mode and Traction Control

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc is equipped with an advanced Enduro riding mode, designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts. This mode optimizes throttle response, engine torque, and traction control settings to provide improved performance on uneven terrain. Furthermore, the motorcycle comes with BMW’s Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) system, which monitors rear-wheel traction for an enhanced grip while cornering and preventing wheel spin. These features, combined with the bike’s impressive suspension and ground clearance, make it an ideal choice for tackling challenging off-road conditions.

Apart from the Enduro mode, the F 850 GS Adventure also includes other selectable Ride Modes like ‘Rain’ and ‘Road,’ allowing riders to easily adapt the bike’s performance to various riding conditions. With these advanced electronics, the motorcycle offers a confident and customizable off-road riding experience to suit each rider’s individual preferences.

Factory-Equipped Off-Road Tires

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc comes standard with factory-equipped off-road tires, ensuring that the bike is ready to handle the toughest terrain straight off the showroom floor. The motorcycle features a 21-inch front wheel and a 17-inch rear wheel, both of which are fitted with aggressive knobby tires that provide superior grip and stability in off-road conditions. These tires enable the motorcycle to tackle various terrains, including mud, sand, rocks, and loose dirt, with ease and confidence.

In addition to the off-road tires, the F 850 GS Adventure boasts a higher ground clearance, which further enhances its off-road capabilities. The combination of these rugged tires, increased ground clearance, and advanced suspension system makes the motorcycle a formidable off-road machine that can take on the most challenging routes.

Skid Plates and Auxiliary Light Options

To protect the motorcycle’s engine and vital components during off-road excursions, the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc is equipped with sturdy skid plates. These plates provide a robust shield against debris, rocks, and other obstacles encountered during off-road adventures. Additionally, the motorcycle also features hand protectors and an engine guard to keep both the rider and the bike safe from potential damage.

For improved visibility during nighttime or low-light off-road riding conditions, the F 850 GS Adventure offers auxiliary light options. These powerful LED lights provide ample illumination, ensuring that the rider is able to see the trail ahead clearly, even in the most adverse lighting conditions. The combination of skid plates, hand protectors, engine guard, and auxiliary lights makes the motorcycle well-suited for tackling the toughest off-road conditions while ensuring rider safety and comfort.

Strengths and Weaknesses Compared to Competitors

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc is a highly capable adventure motorcycle that stands out among its competitors for several reasons. Its strengths include the advanced electronic rider aids, powerful and smooth 853cc parallel-twin engine, versatile suspension system, and exceptional off-road capabilities. These features make the F 850 GS Adventure an attractive option for riders interested in a motorcycle that excels at both on-road and off-road performance.

However, there are a few weaknesses to consider. Some riders may find the windscreen insufficient for extended high-speed riding. Additionally, the front suspension may require adjustments to optimize off-road performance. Despite these minor drawbacks, the BMW F 850 GS Adventure remains an excellent choice for adventure-seekers looking for a well-rounded, high-quality motorcycle that can handle a wide range of riding conditions.

Optional Touring Packages

One of the key features of the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc is the ability to customize your riding experience with a range of optional touring packages. The Premium Package provides riders with Dynamic ESA, adaptive headlight, keyless ride, and more. It greatly enhances the riding experience by offering improved suspension, increased safety, and added convenience. Alternatively, the Select Package can be considered a worthwhile upgrade, as it includes Cruise Control, Heated Grips, and Tire Pressure Monitoring, making long distance rides more comfortable and enjoyable. For off-road enthusiasts, the Enduro Pro Riding Mode is an excellent option for maximizing the motorcycle’s capabilities on uneven terrain.

Storage Solutions and Panniers

Preparing for a long adventure ride or a weekend trip requires adequate storage solutions. The BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc can be outfitted with a wide variety of storage options to suit your needs. Hard panniers provide maximum durability and protection for gear, while soft panniers offer flexibility and lighter weight. An aluminum top case is another popular option, combining ruggedness with ease of access. Furthermore, tank bags and tail bags can be added to increase storage capacity and keep essential items close at hand. It’s essential to consider both the weight and volume of your gear and the balance of the motorcycle when selecting the right storage setup for your adventure.

GPS and Communication Systems

Navigating unfamiliar terrain and staying connected with fellow riders is crucial during long rides or off-road adventures. The BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc is equipped with a 6.5-inch TFT display that can be paired with an optional GPS system, allowing for easy navigation and route planning. The TFT display also offers Bluetooth connectivity, enabling riders to connect their smartphones for music, calls, and messaging, as well as integration with compatible intercom systems for seamless communication with fellow riders. A USB port ensures that devices stay charged during long journeys, ensuring that you’re always connected, informed, and in control of your ride.

Personalizing Your F 850 GS Adventure

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc offers a plethora of customization options to make the motorcycle truly your own. With three color choices available: Racing Red, Style Rallye, and Triple Black, riders can select a color scheme that reflects their personality and preferences. In addition to the color, riders can choose from various seat heights to ensure optimal riding comfort, as well as adjustable levers for the perfect fit and control. Furthermore, the F 850 GS Adventure can be outfitted with auxiliary lights, skid plates, and crash bars for increased protection and functionality. By personalizing your motorcycle with these options, you can create an F 850 GS Adventure tailored to your unique adventure riding needs and desires.

Base price and model variations

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc has a starting price of $14,295 USD for the base model. The motorcycle is available in several color options, such as Racing Red, Style Rallye, and Triple Black. Additionally, BMW offers an extensive range of packages and options that can significantly enhance the bike’s performance and comfort features. For instance, the Premium package is a popular choice as it includes Dynamic ESA and Ride Modes Pro, which provide improved handling and customization to suit the rider’s preferences. The Select package is another worthwhile upgrade, offering additional comfort features, at a cost of $950. It’s crucial to consider these variations and additional packages when purchasing, as they can affect the final price of the motorcycle.

Comparing cost to competitors

When compared to competitors, the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc is positioned in the premium middleweight adventure segment. Its price is comparable to that of the Honda Africa Twin, which starts at $14,399, and the KTM 890 Adventure R, starting at $14,199. However, it is slightly more expensive than the Yamaha Ténéré 700, which has a starting price of $9,999. While it may not be the most affordable option in the segment, the F 850 GS Adventure offers an excellent blend of performance, technology, comfort, and off-road capabilities that justify its price point. Additionally, with the range of customizable options and packages, riders can tailor the motorcycle to their specific needs and budget.

Availability and dealership network

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc is available through an extensive network of authorized BMW Motorrad dealerships. You can use the dealer locator on the official website to find the nearest dealership in your area. Once you’ve located a dealership, you can schedule a test ride, get more information about the motorcycle, and discuss the various options and packages available. It’s important to note that availability may vary depending on factors such as location, demand, and time of year. Therefore, it’s recommended to contact your local dealership or consult their online inventory for the most up-to-date information on the specific model and options you are interested in.

Financing options and warranties

BMW Motorrad offers a variety of financing options, such as Traditional Financing, the BMW 3asy Ride program, and leasing options. Traditional financing involves securing a loan for the full purchase price of the motorcycle, while the BMW 3asy Ride program offers more flexible terms, lower monthly payments, and a final balloon payment at the end of the contract. Leasing options may also be available for riders who prefer the flexibility of switching motorcycles more frequently. It’s important to consult with your local dealership to determine which financing option best suits your needs and budget.

In addition to financing options, the BMW F 850 GS Adventure 853cc comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. The warranty also includes BMW Emergency Service coverage, which offers 24/7 roadside assistance for the duration of the warranty period. This combination of financing options and warranty coverage ensures that riders can have peace of mind when investing in their new adventure motorcycle.


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