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2023 BMW F 900 XR

Overview of the BMW F 900 XR

The BMW F 900 XR is a versatile middleweight sport-touring motorcycle that offers a perfect combination of performance, comfort, and practicality. Powered by a potent 895cc parallel-twin engine, this bike delivers an impressive 99 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque, making it an ideal choice for spirited rides and long-distance journeys alike. With its adventure-styled design, upright riding position, and a range of advanced features, the F 900 XR is designed to cater to a variety of riding preferences and environments.

Key Features and Specifications

The BMW F 900 XR 895cc comes equipped with a host of advanced features to enhance your riding experience. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Four riding modes: Rain, Street, Dynamic, and Dynamic Pro
  • Optional Dynamic Electronic Suspension (ESA) for on-the-fly suspension adjustments
  • ABS Pro for safer braking in various riding conditions
  • Gearshift Assist Pro for smooth and effortless gear changes
  • TFT display with smartphone integration and BMW Motorrad Connectivity
  • Two-position adjustable windscreen for tailored wind protection

In terms of specifications, the F 900 XR boasts a seat height of 32.5 inches, a wet weight of 482 pounds, and a fuel capacity of 4.1 gallons, allowing for a good balance of control and comfort during both short commutes and extended tours.

Market Position and Target Audience

Targeting a diverse range of riders, the BMW F 900 XR 895cc holds a strong position in the competitive middleweight sport-touring market. Its appealing combination of power, versatility, and advanced features make it an ideal choice for riders looking for a comfortable and agile motorcycle for commuting, weekend getaways, or even longer touring adventures. With its accessible performance and user-friendly ergonomics, the F 900 XR can cater to both novice and experienced riders who seek a well-rounded and capable machine.

Comparison with other BMW models

When compared to other models in BMW’s lineup, the F 900 XR is positioned as a smaller and more accessible alternative to the more powerful and feature-rich S 1000 XR. While the S 1000 XR caters to experienced riders seeking a high-performance sport-touring bike, the F 900 XR offers a more approachable and affordable option for those who prioritize versatility, comfort, and value. On the other hand, the F 900 XR shares some similarities with the F 850 GS, but with its road-focused dynamics and sportier characteristics, the XR is better suited for paved adventures, unlike the more off-road capable F 850 GS.

Details of the 895cc parallel-twin engine

At the heart of the BMW F 900 XR 895cc lies a powerful and versatile 895cc parallel-twin engine. This water-cooled in-line engine has been designed to deliver a silky-smooth and engaging riding experience, featuring a unique 270/450-degree firing order that ensures an even torque delivery and characterful exhaust note. The engine employs a double overhead camshaft (DOHC) valve actuation system, which optimizes performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency. Additionally, the engine benefits from BMW’s advanced engine management system and fuel injection technology, resulting in precision throttle response and power delivery throughout the rev range.

Horsepower and torque

The BMW F 900 XR 895cc engine produces an impressive 99 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque, providing plenty of power for spirited riding and confidence-inspiring acceleration. This torque is available from as low as 4000 RPM, extending up to 8000 RPM, which contributes to the motorcycle’s extremely versatile and accessible powerband. The engine’s strong mid-range torque ensures a quick and enjoyable ride, enabling riders to effortlessly navigate urban traffic, carve through twisty mountain roads, or comfortably cruise on the highway.

Acceleration and top speed

When it comes to performance, the BMW F 900 XR 895cc does not disappoint. With its generous power output and light, nimble handling, the motorcycle accelerates briskly and confidently from a standstill. The F 900 XR is capable of reaching 0-60 mph in approximately 3.6 seconds, ensuring rapid acceleration when merging onto highways or when overtaking slower traffic. Its top speed is estimated to be around 130 mph, providing more than enough performance for most riders’ needs. Despite its relatively sporty performance, the F 900 XR remains composed and easy to manage at all speeds, making the motorcycle suitable for a wide range of riders.

Fuel efficiency and emissions

Fuel efficiency and emissions are also commendable aspects of the BMW F 900 XR 895cc’s engine. Thanks in part to the engine’s advanced management system and precise fuel injection, the motorcycle achieves an estimated average fuel consumption of 57 mpg. This allows for extended intervals between fuel stops, ensuring riders can enjoy long distances without constantly worrying about refueling. In terms of emissions, the F 900 XR meets stringent Euro 5 standards, which ensures minimal environmental impact and compliance with emissions regulations in most countries. This combination of performance, fuel efficiency, and low emissions make the BMW F 900 XR 895cc a responsible choice for environmentally conscious riders seeking an engaging and versatile motorcycle.

Front and Rear Suspension Systems

The BMW F 900 XR 895cc is equipped with an advanced suspension system that provides excellent capability for both sporty riding and long-distance comfort. The front suspension features a 43mm non-adjustable fork, while the rear suspension consists of a semi-active rear shock. This suspension setup is designed to balance ride comfort and cornering performance, ensuring that the motorcycle maintains its agility and responsiveness on various road surfaces.

With the optional Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), riders can further enhance their riding experience by adjusting the suspension settings on the fly. This feature allows the rider to tailor the bike’s suspension to their preferences and the current riding conditions, providing an optimal balance of comfort and performance. Overall, the BMW F 900 XR 895cc’s suspension system offers a versatile and adaptable experience that meets the demands of a wide range of riding styles and situations.

Braking Components and Performance

Effective braking is crucial for any motorcycle, and the BMW F 900 XR 895cc is no exception. The motorcycle is outfitted with high-quality braking components that provide sharp and precise braking performance. The bike features dual 320mm front discs and 4-piston radially mounted Brembo calipers that offer excellent stopping power and feel. The rear brake is equipped with a single 265mm disc and a single-piston floating caliper, providing a balanced and efficient braking experience.

To further improve braking performance and safety, the F 900 XR includes an advanced electronics package that incorporates ABS Pro. This system takes into account the lean angle of the motorcycle, ensuring optimal braking performance even when cornering. This combination of high-quality braking components and advanced electronics provides riders with the confidence and control needed for effective and safe braking in various conditions.

Rider Aids and Electronic Systems

The BMW F 900 XR 895cc offers a plethora of rider aids and electronic systems designed to enhance the riding experience and provide additional safety features. The motorcycle comes standard with four riding modes – Rain, Street, Dynamic, and Dynamic Pro – which cater to various road conditions and rider preferences. These modes adjust the engine mapping, throttle response, and traction control settings to optimize the motorcycle’s performance on different surfaces and in various weather conditions.

In addition to the multiple riding modes, the F 900 XR offers optional electronic packages that include features such as Dynamic Electronic Suspension (ESA), Gearshift Assist Pro, ABS Pro, Headlight Pro, traction control, and cruise control. These upgrades provide riders with an even greater level of control and customization over their motorcycle’s performance, allowing them to tailor the motorcycle to their specific needs and preferences.

Handling Characteristics

Handling is a key aspect of any motorcycle, and the BMW F 900 XR 895cc delivers an impressive and agile handling experience. Despite its 482-pound weight and 32.5-inch seat height, the bike’s balanced chassis and responsive suspension system ensure that it remains easy to manage even in tight traffic conditions or during spirited cornering. The F 900 XR’s upright ergonomics also contribute to its confident handling on a variety of road conditions.

The handling characteristics of the BMW F 900 XR are further enhanced by its advanced electronic aids, such as the multiple riding modes and optional suspension adjustments. By providing these sophisticated features, the F 900 XR allows riders to fine-tune the motorcycle’s handling performance to their preferences and specific riding conditions. Ultimately, the BMW F 900 XR 895cc offers a versatile and dynamic handling experience that caters to a wide range of riders and usage scenarios.

Overall Design and Aesthetics

The BMW F 900 XR 895cc boasts a striking and aggressive design that sets it apart from its competitors. With sharp lines, angular features, and a distinctive front LED headlight, the F 900 XR presents a modern and stylish aesthetic. The bike maintains the signature BMW Motorrad design language, with the asymmetrical headlights and dynamic bodywork. The combination of the adventure-styled fairing and the sporty stance makes the F 900 XR an eye-catching presence on the road. Color choices for the F 900 XR include Racing Red and Galvanic Gold Metallic, allowing riders to further customize the look of their machine.

Seat Height and Adjustability

One of the key ergonomic features of the BMW F 900 XR is its adjustable seat height. The standard seat height is set at 32.5 inches, which offers a comfortable riding position for a wide range of riders. However, BMW also provides the option of a lower seat that reduces the height to 31.1 inches for those who may need extra accessibility. In addition to the seat height adjustability, the F 900 XR also features a two-position adjustable windscreen that can easily be manipulated to better suit the rider’s height and preferences, ensuring maximum wind protection during both city commuting and long-distance rides.

Rider and Passenger Comfort

The BMW F 900 XR prioritizes rider and passenger comfort with its upright and relaxed riding position, designed to reduce fatigue on longer rides. The wide handlebars provide easy control and maneuverability, while the strategically placed foot pegs offer ample legroom for both rider and passenger. The seat, although sporty in design, provides ample cushioning for extended periods of riding. Furthermore, the F 900 XR also features an optional Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) system, which allows riders to easily adjust the suspension settings to optimize ride comfort and handling on various road conditions.

Storage and Luggage Options

Being a sport-touring motorcycle, the BMW F 900 XR offers a variety of storage and luggage options to cater to the needs of riders who require additional space for weekend getaways or long-distance travels. While the bike does not come with standard luggage, BMW provides a range of official accessories, such as hard side cases, top cases, and tank bags that can be easily fitted for added storage. Additionally, the rear subframe of the F 900 XR is designed to easily accommodate aftermarket luggage systems, giving riders the flexibility to choose from a wide range of storage solutions to suit their specific needs.

BMW Motorrad Connectivity and TFT display

The BMW F 900 XR 895cc comes equipped with a cutting-edge 6.5-inch TFT display that offers crisp visuals, an intuitive interface, and a plethora of information at the rider’s fingertips. The display boasts a gorgeous design, with clear and easy-to-read fonts, ensuring that the rider can quickly access the information they need. Coupled with the BMW Motorrad Connectivity feature, riders can access a range of navigation, communication, and entertainment options right on their motorcycle. This comprehensive connectivity package allows riders to pair their smartphones with the bike seamlessly, enabling them to manage calls, messages, media playback, and other functions without taking their eyes off the road.

Navigation and smartphone integration

One of the most significant advantages of the BMW F 900 XR 895cc is its seamless integration with smartphones, providing riders with advanced navigation features. Besides the visual guidance on the TFT display, the system also offers turn-by-turn voice instructions through the rider’s Bluetooth-enabled helmet. Aside from navigation, the BMW Motorrad Connected app enables riders to access their smartphone’s contacts, make calls, and even receive text messages – all without taking their hands off the handlebars. Furthermore, riders can also control their media playback, with options to play, pause, or skip through their favorite playlists during their ride. However, it’s worth noting that the Motorrad Connected app’s GPS connectivity has been cited as a weak point, lacking flexibility and requiring frequent updates.

Rider modes and customization

The BMW F 900 XR 895cc offers an impressive array of rider modes that cater to different riding conditions and preferences. This versatile motorcycle features four main riding modes: Rain, Road, Dynamic, and Dynamic Pro. Each mode adjusts various parameters, including throttle response, traction control, and ABS settings, to suit different situations:

  • Rain mode provides a smoother throttle response and increased safety systems intervention, ideal for wet or slippery conditions.
  • Road mode offers a balanced riding experience, suitable for everyday riding and commuting.
  • Dynamic mode delivers a more aggressive throttle response and reduced safety intervention, perfect for spirited riding or canyon carving.
  • Dynamic Pro mode provides the sharpest throttle response and minimal intervention from the safety systems, ideal for track days or experienced riders seeking maximum performance.

Additionally, riders can further customize their experience through optional electronic packages, enhancing the bike’s versatility and adaptability to personal preferences.

Optional electronic packages

While the base model of the BMW F 900 XR 895cc already offers a range of electronic features, riders can choose to enhance their experience with additional electronic packages:

  • The Select Package adds features such as Dynamic Traction Control, Adaptive Cornering Lights, and Cruise Control – providing increased safety and convenience during long journeys.
  • The Premium Package includes upgraded ABS Pro, Keyless Ride, Semi-active Rear Shock, Gear Shift Assist Pro, and more – significantly boosting the motorcycle’s performance, comfort, and technology features.

By investing in these optional electronic packages, riders can tailor their F 900 XR to meet their unique needs, making it a highly customizable and versatile machine suitable for a wide range of riders and situations.

Official BMW accessories

BMW offers a wide range of official accessories for the F 900 XR 895cc, allowing riders to customize their bikes for improved comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. These accessories include:

  1. Luggage options: BMW provides a variety of luggage systems, such as top cases, side panniers, and tank bags, designed to fit the F 900 XR perfectly.
  2. Ergonomic enhancements: Adjustable seats, footpeg kits, and handlebar risers can improve rider comfort and adapt the motorcycle to individual preferences.
  3. Protection: Official BMW accessories like engine guards, handguards, and radiator guards can safeguard your F 900 XR against potential damage.

To ensure compatibility and maintain the integrity of your motorcycle, it is advisable to choose official BMW accessories when customizing your F 900 XR.

Popular aftermarket options

In addition to official BMW accessories, there is an extensive range of aftermarket options available for the F 900 XR 895cc. Some popular choices include:

  1. Exhaust systems: Upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust system, such as those from Akrapovic or Arrow, can enhance your motorcycle’s sound and performance.
  2. Suspension upgrades: Premium suspension components from brands like Öhlins or Wilbers can improve your F 900 XR’s handling and ride quality.
  3. Lighting: LED and auxiliary lighting options can increase visibility and safety during night rides or in challenging weather conditions.

When selecting aftermarket accessories, it’s essential to verify compatibility with your F 900 XR and choose reputable brands to maintain the quality of your motorcycle.

Tips for personalizing your F 900 XR

Personalizing your F 900 XR 895cc to match your individual style and preferences is an exciting process. Here are some tips for creating a unique, personalized bike:

  1. Plan your customizations: Consider your goals and budget, then create a list of desired accessories and prioritize them accordingly.
  2. Focus on functionality: Ensure that any customizations enhance the overall performance or usability of your F 900 XR rather than detracting from it.
  3. Consult with professionals: Seek expert advice from experienced riders or certified technicians, especially when customizing crucial components or systems.

By carefully planning your customizations and prioritizing functionality, you can create a personalized F 900 XR without compromising its performance or reliability.

Maintaining and protecting your investment

To keep your customized BMW F 900 XR 895cc in top condition, it’s crucial to maintain and protect your investment. Some tips for doing so include:

  1. Regular maintenance: Following the recommended maintenance intervals laid out in the owner’s manual is essential in keeping your F 900 XR running smoothly.
  2. Use compatible parts: Ensure any replacement parts or upgrades are compatible with your F 900 XR to avoid potential damage or issues.
  3. Protect from the elements: Invest in a high-quality motorcycle cover to shield your F 900 XR from harsh weather, dirt, and potential damage when not in use.

By properly maintaining and protecting your customized F 900 XR, you can ensure it remains not only visually appealing but also in optimal running condition for years to come.


In conclusion, the BMW F 900 XR 895cc offers a well-rounded and versatile sport-touring motorcycle that caters to a diverse range of riders. With its powerful engine, agile handling, and advanced electronic features, the F 900 XR delivers a captivating riding experience without sacrificing comfort and practicality. Additionally, the numerous customization options provided by official BMW accessories and aftermarket components allow riders to tailor their motorcycle to their unique preferences and riding styles. With proper maintenance and care, this impressive machine can provide years of riding enjoyment for both novice and experienced enthusiasts alike.


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