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2023 BMW G 310 GS

Overview of the BMW G 310 GS

The BMW G 310 GS is a versatile adventure motorcycle designed for both urban exploration and off-road adventures. It combines the best of both worlds, with a comfortable riding position, lightweight chassis, and a 313cc single-cylinder engine that provides enough power for city riding while remaining easy to control. The 33-inch seat height offers a great view of the surroundings, making this bike particularly suited for taller riders. With its mix of on and off-road capabilities, the G 310 GS serves as an excellent entry-point to BMW’s celebrated GS range.

The bike features a sophisticated rear rack that allows for convenient item storage and its adventure-inspired chassis provides stability at higher speeds. However, its power reserves may be limited at speeds above 75 mph, so it’s best suited for urban freeways with lower speed limits. The G 310 GS’s off-road abilities are quite decent, considering its small powerplant, and it performs well on rocky dirt roads while being less intimidating than larger adventure bikes.

In summary, the BMW G 310 GS is an ideal choice for riders seeking a 300-class adventure motorcycle that can handle urban commuting as well as off-road exploration. Equipped with a 313cc single-cylinder engine, it offers ample power for city riding and an accessible platform for those new to adventure riding. With its signature BMW badging, high-quality components, and competitive pricing, the G 310 GS is an attractive option for anyone looking to enter the world of adventure motorcycling.

Key features of the 313cc engine

The BMW G 310 GS 313cc engine is a Euro 5-compliant, fuel-injected, single-cylinder powerplant that produces 34 horsepower and 20 lb-ft of torque. This efficient engine is designed for smooth throttle response and automatic idling, thanks to its Ride by Wire technology. Moreover, the self-reinforcing slipper clutch ensures seamless gear shifting and improved control, so riders can focus on the road ahead.

In terms of performance, the 313cc engine provides adequate power for city riding while remaining maneuverable and fuel-efficient. This engine contributes to the bike’s lightweight nature, with a total weight of just 374 lbs, making it ideal for both off-road and urban scenarios. Furthermore, selectable ABS and an easy-to-read digital display offer riders the necessary information and control options for a customizable, safe, and enjoyable riding experience.

The 313cc engine is suitable for riders who are looking for a responsive and efficient powerplant that delivers consistent performance in various conditions. From city streets to well-maintained dirt roads, the G 310 GS’s 313cc engine caters to the adventure-inspired rider who seeks a balance of power, control, and fuel efficiency.

Target audience and purpose of the motorcycle

The BMW G 310 GS 313cc is specifically designed for riders seeking a versatile, entry-level adventure motorcycle. Its comfortable ergonomics, user-friendly engine, and off-road capabilities make it an appealing option for riders looking to develop their skills in both road and trail environments. The bike’s narrow midsection, adjustable seat height, and accessible controls cater to a wide range of rider sizes, making it suitable for taller individuals as well as those with shorter inseams.

Ideal for weekend rides and exploring different types of terrain, the G 310 GS is perfect for riders who want to enjoy the freedom and versatility that adventure motorcycling offers without the intimidation of a larger bike. Its combination of urban commuting capabilities and off-road prowess provides a well-rounded experience for those seeking to broaden their riding horizons.

Comparison to other models in the BMW lineup

The BMW G 310 GS 313cc shares some similarities with other models in the 2023 BMW lineup, such as its LED lighting, ABS, and adjustable controls. However, its smaller engine and adventure-focused design set it apart from other models like the G 310 R, which is more focused on urban street riding. The G 310 GS takes inspiration from BMW’s larger GS series bikes, offering off-road capabilities while maintaining street performance.

Competing with other European brands like KTM in the 300-class adventure motorcycle segment, the G 310 GS does so with slightly less power but compensates with its attractive design, comfortable ergonomics, and the BMW pedigree. Priced at a competitive $5,695 USD / $6,895 CAD, the G 310 GS offers an impressive array of features and capabilities for riders seeking an affordably priced adventure motorcycle with the quality and performance expected from BMW.

Engine Power and Torque

The BMW G 310 GS 313cc is powered by a 313cc single-cylinder, water-cooled engine that produces 34 horsepower and 20 lb-ft of torque. This efficient powerplant provides a balance of performance and control, making it ideal both for new riders and experienced riders seeking a manageable adventure bike. The engine’s Euro 5-compliant design ensures smooth, responsive throttle action thanks to its Ride by Wire technology.

Designed with adventure touring in mind, the G 310 GS engine offers a versatile power delivery, capable of handling urban commuting and light off-road exploration. Its torquey, low-to-mid range output provides accessible power for city riding, while the bike’s top end is suitable for higher-speed cruising. Overall, the G 310 GS engine delivers a well-rounded performance for various riding scenarios.

In comparison to other bikes in its class, such as the KTM 390 Adventure and Yamaha Tenere 700, the G 310 GS might have less outright power and torque, but it maintains a competitive edge with its balanced performance and accessibility for riders of all skill levels. Its engine offers a reliable and fun riding experience, without being too intimidating for beginners or too underpowered for more experienced riders.

Top Speed and Acceleration

With its 34 horsepower engine, the BMW G 310 GS 313cc achieves a respectable top speed and acceleration performance. The motorcycle can reach a top speed of around 90 mph (145 km/h), which is suitable for urban freeways with lower speed limits. However, it’s worth noting that at higher speeds, there isn’t much power in reserve, which could limit overtaking capabilities.

The G 310 GS also offers adequate acceleration for city riding, providing nimble and responsive handling in traffic. Its lightweight design (weighing 374 lbs./170 kg) and versatile engine characteristics make it an ideal motorcycle for navigating through urban environments while still having enough power to enjoy spirited riding sessions on twisty roads or during off-road adventures.

While not a top performer in the adventure segment, the G 310 GS offers respectable acceleration and top speed for its engine size. It strikes a good balance between performance and user-friendliness, particularly for riders who value manageability and versatility over outright speed.

Fuel Efficiency and Range

The BMW G 310 GS 313cc stands out in fuel efficiency, achieving an estimated average fuel consumption of around 70 mpg (3.4 L/100 km), depending on factors such as riding style, terrain, and load. This impressive fuel economy is due in part to the bike’s fuel-injected, water-cooled engine and lightweight design.

With its 2.9-gallon (11-liter) fuel tank, the G 310 GS boasts a practical range of approximately 200 miles (320 km). This extended range caters to riders who enjoy exploring varied environments, such as urban commutes, weekend rides, or light adventure touring. Although the G 310 GS may not have the range of larger adventure bikes, it still offers decent mileage for its engine size and intended purpose.

Riders seeking fuel-efficient motorcycles will appreciate the G 310 GS’s balanced performance and impressive fuel economy figures, which make it an ideal choice for urban riding and weekend adventures without frequent stops at the gas station.

Transmission and Drivetrain

The BMW G 310 GS 313cc is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, offering smooth and precise gear changes that enhance the riding experience. The transmission is paired with a self-reinforcing slipper clutch, ensuring seamless gear shifting and improved control, particularly in aggressive downshifts or off-road situations.

The G 310 GS’s drivetrain is designed for versatility, allowing riders to adapt their riding style to different conditions, whether navigating through city traffic or traversing dirt roads. The six-speed gearbox enables the engine to operate efficiently across a broad range of speeds, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride overall.

In conclusion, the BMW G 310 GS 313cc’s transmission and drivetrain offer a versatile and user-friendly riding experience that compliments the bike’s overall performance and capabilities. The combination of the six-speed transmission, slipper clutch, and balanced engine characteristics make the G 310 GS a reliable and enjoyable adventure bike for riders of all skill levels.

Front and Rear Suspension Systems

The BMW G 310 GS 313cc features a robust suspension system with a gold-anodized inverted fork at the front and a preload-adjustable monoshock at the rear. The front suspension offers 7.1 inches of travel, while the rear suspension provides 7.0 inches of travel. This long-travel suspension setup enables the motorcycle to handle bumpy off-road terrain with ease, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride. Moreover, the suspension system’s damping characteristics are tuned to cater to a wide range of riding conditions, providing the perfect balance between comfort, stability, and off-road performance.

Braking Performance and Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for the BMW G 310 GS 313cc, which is equipped with reliable braking performance to ensure rider confidence and control. The motorcycle boasts a 300mm single-disc brake with a four-piston radial caliper at the front and a 240mm single-disc brake with a single-piston caliper at the rear. These high-performance brake components provide excellent stopping power in various riding conditions, contributing to the motorcycle’s agile and responsive handling. Additionally, the G 310 GS features a standard anti-lock braking system (ABS), offering added safety and peace of mind while riding on slippery surfaces or under sudden braking.

Rider Ergonomics and Comfort

The BMW G 310 GS 313cc is designed with rider comfort and ergonomics in mind, ensuring a pleasurable and fatigue-free riding experience. The motorcycle features a well-padded seat with adjustable height options, accommodating riders with varying inseam lengths. Its narrow midsection and generous suspension sag make it easy to plant both feet on the ground, boosting rider confidence, especially during low-speed maneuvers. The upright riding position offers excellent control and visibility, making it suitable for urban commuting, long-distance touring, and off-road exploration. Furthermore, the G 310 GS comes with adjustable clutch and brake levers, allowing riders to customize their controls for optimal comfort and fit.

Handling Characteristics On and Off-Road

With its versatile suspension, braking system, and ergonomic design, the BMW G 310 GS 313cc delivers exceptional handling characteristics both on and off the road. On the road, the motorcycle is nimble and maneuverable, providing riders with precise and agile control in tight city confines or winding country roads. Off-road, the G 310 GS showcases its adventure capabilities, tackling rocky dirt roads, and well-maintained trails with ease. The long-travel suspension, 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, and dual-purpose tires allow the bike to absorb bumps and terrain irregularities effectively, granting riders the confidence to explore beyond the pavement. Overall, the BMW G 310 GS 313cc is a versatile and capable motorcycle, perfect for urban commuting, off-road excursions, and everything in between.

Exterior design and color options

The BMW G 310 GS 313cc stands out with its striking exterior design, taking inspiration from its larger GS siblings and offering a taste of BMW’s renowned adventure aesthetics. The bike’s muscular stance, coupled with its distinctive front beak, lends a sense of ruggedness, perfect for those seeking to explore the urban jungle and venture off the beaten path. The G 310 GS is available in three eye-catching paint options: Cosmic Black 3, Sport in Polar White/Racing Blue Metallic, and Rally in Kalamata Dark Gold Metallic. Each color scheme enhances the bike’s visual appeal, allowing riders to showcase their unique style and personality while enjoying the performance and versatility the G 310 GS has to offer.

LED lighting and display systems

Safety and visibility are essential for any rider, and the BMW G 310 GS 313cc ensures both with its advanced LED lighting system. The bike comes equipped with LED headlights, brake lights, and flashing turn indicators, providing optimal illumination during day and night journeys. In addition, the G 310 GS features an easy-to-read digital display that showcases essential information such as speed, fuel level, and engine temperature at a glance. Although it lacks a more advanced TFT display found in some of its counterparts, the G 310 GS’s LCD display effectively serves its purpose, keeping riders informed and focused on the road ahead.

Seat height and adjustability

Comfort is a key factor for any adventure-seeker, and the BMW G 310 GS 313cc does not disappoint in this area. Its well-padded seat offers a comfortable riding position, ensuring that riders of varying heights and inseams can enjoy extended periods on the saddle. The seat height is adjustable, with a standard height of 32.3 inches, and optional lower or higher seats available for further customization. Combined with the bike’s narrow midsection and generous suspension sag, the G 310 GS caters to a wide range of riders, making it a versatile option for those looking to tackle both urban and off-road environments with ease.

Accessory options and customization

For those seeking a tailored riding experience, the BMW G 310 GS 313cc offers a wide array of accessory options and customization possibilities. Riders can choose from various add-ons such as heated grips for improved comfort in colder climates, different seat options to fine-tune rider positioning, and top cases for additional storage capacity. A 12V and USB socket is also available for powering gadgets and electronic devices during longer trips. With these personalized enhancements, the G 310 GS truly stands out as an adaptable motorcycle that meets the unique needs and preferences of its riders.

Starting price and financing options

The BMW G 310 GS 313cc is a competitively priced adventure motorcycle, with a starting price of $5,695 USD or $6,895 CAD. This price range makes it an attractive option for new riders who seek quality and performance without breaking the bank. For those interested in financing, BMW Motorrad offers various financing options to suit different needs and budgets. Potential buyers can visit their local BMW dealer or the official BMW Motorrad website for more information on available finance packages and promotions. In comparison to other adventure bikes within its class, such as the KTM 390 Adventure and Honda CB500X, the BMW G 310 GS offers a great balance of features and value for money.

Warranty coverage and service intervals

BMW Motorrad is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and the G 310 GS is no exception. The motorcycle comes with a generous three-year or 36,000-mile warranty, providing riders with added peace of mind. This coverage includes manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. In terms of service intervals, the BMW G 310 GS follows the typical schedule of most motorcycles: oil changes and inspections should be performed every 6,000 miles or annually, depending on usage and riding conditions. Additionally, BMW Motorrad offers a range of maintenance services and packages to ensure that your G 310 GS is always in prime condition.

Depreciation and resale value

One of the aspects to consider when buying a motorcycle is its potential depreciation and resale value. While the BMW G 310 GS is a more affordable model within the BMW lineup, its association with the prestigious brand helps maintain a higher resale value compared to similarly priced competitors. As a well-regarded manufacturer, BMW motorcycles are renowned for their build quality, reliability, and performance, which often translates into higher demand on the used market. Of course, maintaining your G 310 GS in excellent condition through proper service intervals and care will contribute to a better resale value when it’s time to move on to another motorcycle.

Long-term ownership experience and maintenance

Long-term ownership of the BMW G 310 GS 313cc promises a satisfying experience, as the bike is designed with comfort, reliability, and versatility in mind. Owners can enjoy its easy handling on the road and off, as well as the customizable ergonomics that cater to a wide range of rider preferences. In terms of maintenance, owners should expect standard motorcycle care: oil changes, chain adjustments, and brake pad replacements are part of the routine service schedule. Keep in mind, however, that the cost of BMW parts and servicing may be higher than for other brands, due to the premium nature of the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the combination of practicality, dependability, and the allure of the BMW brand make the G 310 GS 313cc an appealing choice for long-term ownership.

Professional Reviews and Ratings

The BMW G 310 GS 313cc has garnered positive feedback from professional reviewers, praising its versatility as a city commuter and off-road adventure bike. Ultimate Motorcycling describes the G 310 GS as perfect for urban exploration, highlighting its nimble handling, adequate 313cc engine performance, and impressive 33-inch seat height. RideApart commends the motorcycle’s entry-level adventure capabilities, featuring Euro 5 compliant engine, throttle-by-wire, and slipper-assist clutch – making the G 310 GS an appealing entry point into BMW’s prestigious GS range. WebBikeWorld also praises the 2023 BMW G 310 GS as a solid choice for both street riding and adventure touring, thanks to its 313cc, 34-horsepower engine, and customizable electronic features.

Customer Testimonials and Feedback

Owners of the BMW G 310 GS 313cc have provided positive feedback on various aspects of the motorcycle. On Best Beginner Motorcycles, customers appreciate the comfortable upright riding position, decent off-road capability, and suitable street performance. Riders also praise its lightweight (374 lbs) and versatile suspension system, enhancing its agility and responsiveness on different terrains. However, riders have noted that higher service costs and limited accessory options may hinder some potential buyers.

Common Issues and Resolutions

There are a few common issues reported by BMW G 310 GS 313cc owners. One concern is the limited wind protection, which could prove uncomfortable during long highway rides. To resolve this, riders may opt for aftermarket windshields that provide better wind deflection. Some users have also reported occasional false neutral between gears during upshifting, which can be minimized by practicing smoother and more deliberate gear changes. Additionally, the bike’s limited power at higher speeds may be a drawback for some. Riders who frequently traverse highways or require higher top speeds might consider upgrading to a higher-capacity motorcycle in the BMW lineup.

Tips for New BMW G 310 GS 313cc Owners

For those new to the BMW G 310 GS 313cc, here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Invest in proper riding gear: Quality protective gear, such as helmets, gloves, boots, and riding jackets, enhances safety and comfort during your rides.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the motorcycle: Take time to get acquainted with the G 310 GS’s features, controls, and handling characteristics to ensure a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.
  3. Regular maintenance is key: Following the recommended service intervals and maintaining your motorcycle will help ensure its performance, reliability, and longevity.
  4. Join online forums and communities: Engaging with fellow G 310 GS owners can provide invaluable advice, support, and insights for your motorcycle journey.
  5. Practice off-road riding skills: If you plan on utilizing the G 310 GS’s adventure capabilities, take time to develop appropriate off-road riding skills to maximize your enjoyment and safety.

Embrace your journey with the BMW G 310 GS 313cc and explore the world of adventure motorcycling with confidence, armed with information from professional reviews, rider testimonials, and valuable tips.


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