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2023 BMW G 310 R

A brief history of the G 310 R

The BMW G 310 R is the product of a collaboration between German motorcycle manufacturer BMW and Indian motorcycle company TVS Motor Company. Launched in 2015 and entering the market in 2018, this motorcycle marked BMW’s entrance into the sub-300cc beginner motorcycle segment. The design work originated in Munich, Germany, while assembly took place at TVS Motor Company’s plant in Hosur, India. As the first entry-level, modern motorcycle from BMW Motorrad, the G 310 R aimed to provide an agile and intuitive riding experience for city dwellers.

The significance of the 313cc engine

The 313cc engine of the BMW G 310 R plays a crucial role in its overall performance and handling. This liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine delivers 34 horsepower and 20.6 lb-ft of torque, providing the bike with a top speed of 88 miles per hour. What sets the G 310 R’s engine apart is its unconventional design, with the engine rotated 180 degrees compared to traditional designs, shifting the center of gravity towards the front wheel. Consequently, this setup improves the bike’s maneuverability and control – essential qualities for urban riding.

Target market for the BMW G 310 R

With its accessible features and relatively affordable price point, the BMW G 310 R primarily targets beginner riders and city commuters. Its lightweight design, low seat height, and stable handling make it comfortable and easy to handle for new riders. In addition, the motorcycle’s fuel efficiency and agile performance in city traffic attract urban commuters who desire an efficient and enjoyable ride. The stylish aesthetics and customization options of the G 310 R also hold appeal to riders who want their motorcycle to make a statement.

Competitors in the market

The BMW G 310 R faces competition from several other motorcycles in the sub-400cc market, including:

  1. KTM 390 Duke: Known for its aggressive styling and superior performance, the KTM 390 Duke offers a more powerful engine and advanced electronics in comparison to the G 310 R.
  2. Honda CB300R: As a lightweight, agile, and affordable alternative, the Honda CB300R features a smooth engine and classic styling that appeals to a broad range of riders.
  3. Yamaha MT-03: With a sportier design and a reasonable price, the Yamaha MT-03 offers a similar riding experience to the G 310 R, targeting urban commuters and new riders.
  4. Kawasaki Z400: The Kawasaki Z400 boasts a powerful, parallel-twin engine and sharp styling, making it an appealing option for riders seeking more performance in the lightweight, naked bike category.

In conclusion, the BMW G 310 R 313cc competes in a crowded market segment but manages to distinguish itself through its unique engine design, agile handling, and customization options, attracting beginner riders and urban commuters alike.

Engine Performance and Specifications

The BMW G 310 R 313cc is powered by a compact and efficient 313cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine that produces 34 horsepower and 20.6 lb-ft of torque. This liquid-cooled engine ensures a smooth and responsive ride, while also delivering impressive fuel economy. The innovative engine design features a reverse-cylinder layout, which means the intake is at the front and the exhaust is at the rear, contributing to its lower center of gravity and improved handling characteristics. The Ride by Wire system ensures stable throttle response throughout the rev range, and the self-reinforcing slipper clutch makes gear shifting an easy and effortless process. Furthermore, the BMW G 310 R 313cc complies with Euro 5 emissions regulations, offering an eco-friendly yet exhilarating ride.

Suspension and Handling

A key contributor to the exemplary handling of the BMW G 310 R 313cc is its carefully designed suspension system. The front suspension boasts 41mm inverted forks, providing stability and precise feedback from the road, while the rear suspension features a spring-preload adjustable mono shock absorber that ensures comfort and support when tackling different terrains or carrying various loads. The agile and lightweight tubular space frame chassis further enhances the motorcycle’s handling capabilities, allowing for nimble maneuvering and increased rider confidence. With Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires wrapping the 5-spoke alloy rims, the BMW G 310 R 313cc is well-equipped to handle diverse riding conditions, offering excellent grip and performance.

Braking System

Safety is of paramount importance in the BMW G 310 R 313cc, as evidenced by its advanced braking system. Equipped with 300mm front and 240mm rear disc brakes, the motorcycle ensures strong and progressive stopping power, giving the rider confidence and control in various riding situations. Additionally, the radially-mounted 4-piston Bybre calipers provide a responsive feel at the brake lever. To further enhance safety, the BMW G 310 R 313cc comes standard-equipped with a dual-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS), which helps prevent wheel lock-up during hard or emergency braking, enabling the rider to maintain control even in challenging braking scenarios.

Digital Display and Electronics

The BMW G 310 R 313cc features a modern digital display that provides comprehensive information to the rider in a clear and easy-to-read layout. The display includes essential information such as speed, tachometer, trip meters, odometer, fuel level, gear indicator, and more. LED lighting is used for the headlights, tail lights, and indicators, ensuring better visibility and increased energy efficiency. Furthermore, the bike comes with adjustable brake and clutch levers that can be tailored to the rider’s preferences, making it more comfortable and ergonomic. In addition, there are various optional electronic features available, such as heated grips, a luggage rack, and a USB charging socket, adding convenience and practicality to the BMW G 310 R 313cc.

Exterior Design and Color Options

The BMW G 310 R 313cc boasts an eye-catching and athletic exterior design, characterized by sharp lines and an aggressive stance that evokes a sense of energy and motion. One of the most prominent features of the bike is its distinctive headlight, which seamlessly integrates with the angular front fairing, enhancing its assertive personality. To further accentuate the bike’s sporty charisma, BMW offers the G 310 R in three captivating color options: Cosmic Black 2, Polar White/Racing Blue Metallic, and Racing Red. These choices allow riders to express their personal style and individuality, while also making a bold statement on the road.

Ergonomics and Rider Comfort

BMW has designed the G 310 R 313cc with rider comfort and ergonomics in mind, ensuring that every journey is an enjoyable experience. The seat height of 30.9 inches accommodates various rider heights, providing a natural and comfortable posture when seated. The handlebars and foot pegs are positioned for an optimal blend of sporty handling and relaxed cruising, allowing for fatigue-free rides, even during long-distance travels. Additionally, the G 310 R is equipped with adjustable clutch and brake levers, ensuring a customizable feel that caters to each rider’s preferences for maximum comfort.

Customization Options and Accessories

The BMW G 310 R 313cc offers a range of customization options and accessories to help riders tailor their motorcycles to their specific needs and preferences. From performance-enhancing components such as engine protection bars and rearset kits to practical additions like luggage racks and USB charging sockets, BMW provides a wide variety of options for riders to enhance their G 310 R experience. Moreover, the optional Style Sport and Style Passion packages add visual upgrades to the bike, giving riders even more opportunities to personalize their motorcycles and create a truly unique ride.

Size and Weight Comparisons to Competitors

When it comes to size and weight, the BMW G 310 R 313cc stands out as a leader in the sub-400cc motorcycle segment. With a wet weight of 362 lbs (164 kg), the G 310 R is lightweight and agile, making it easy to maneuver through busy city streets and tight corners. Its compact dimensions (78.9 x 33.4 x 42.5 inches for L x W x H) provide a level of nimbleness that enhances its overall handling characteristics. Compared to competitors in the same category, such as the Kawasaki Z400, Yamaha MT-03, and KTM 390 Duke, the G 310 R offers a competitive balance between size, weight, and performance. This combination ensures a remarkable riding experience that appeals to both new and experienced riders alike.

Riding Experience of the BMW G 310 R 313cc

Overall Ride Quality and Handling

The BMW G 310 R 313cc provides an exceptional ride quality and outstanding handling. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, the motorcycle is highly agile and responsive, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. The inverted forks and rear shock absorber with adjustable preload contribute to the bike’s stability and performance, making it suitable for various riding situations. The 180-degree rotation of its single-cylinder engine pushes the motorcycle’s center of gravity towards the front wheel, resulting in improved control and maneuverability, especially around corners and in tight spaces.

Performance in Various Conditions

The versatile nature of the BMW G 310 R 313cc enables it to perform exceptionally well in different riding conditions. In urban environments, its nimble handling and quick acceleration make it ideal for navigating through traffic and narrow streets. On the other hand, the motorcycle’s solid throttle response, courtesy of the Ride by Wire system, ensures a smooth and consistent power delivery, even on highways and open roads. The inclusion of BMW Motorrad ABS and the self-reinforcing slipper clutch further improve the bike’s overall performance, providing riders with enhanced control and safety, regardless of the surrounding conditions.

Long-Distance Riding Capabilities

Although primarily designed for city riding, the BMW G 310 R 313cc is no slouch when it comes to long-distance traveling. Its ergonomically designed seat and adjustable clutch and brake levers ensure rider comfort throughout the journey. The 2.9-gallon fuel tank provides an adequate range for extended rides, while the efficient 313cc engine promises to maintain fuel economy without sacrificing performance. Additionally, the motorcycle’s lightweight frame ensures that handling remains crisp and responsive, even after hours on the road, making the G 310 R an excellent choice for those looking to embark on extended adventures.

Ease of Use for New Riders

The BMW G 310 R 313cc is designed with new riders in mind. Its low seat height of 30.9 inches and manageable curb weight of approximately 362 pounds make it an accessible and unintimidating choice for beginners. Furthermore, the motorcycle’s user-friendly features, such as the self-reinforcing slipper clutch and the Ride by Wire throttle system, enable even inexperienced riders to feel confident and in control while operating the G 310 R. The built-in BMW Motorrad ABS ensures an added layer of safety, allowing new riders to hone their skills and gain experience without worrying about the dangers of aggressive braking or losing control in challenging circumstances.

Factory warranty and service intervals

The BMW G 310 R 313cc comes with an impressive 3-year or 36,000-mile factory warranty, providing peace of mind to owners that their investment is protected. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and ensures that your motorcycle remains in top condition throughout the initial period of ownership. BMW’s service intervals for this motorcycle are every 6,000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first. These service intervals ensure that your G 310 R stays well-maintained and continues to perform at its best. It’s crucial to adhere to these intervals to maintain the motorcycle’s longevity and to avoid any potential issues arising from neglect or improper maintenance.

Common maintenance tasks and costs

Owning a BMW G 310 R 313cc means that you’ll need to perform regular maintenance tasks to keep the motorcycle in good working condition. Some common maintenance tasks include:

  1. Oil and filter change: Depending on the type of oil used, this should be done every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or annually, whichever comes first. Expect to spend around $50 to $100, depending on whether you do it yourself or have a professional do it.
  2. Chain adjustment and lubrication: This should be done every 500 miles or as needed. Costs will vary but expect to spend around $10 to $20 on chain lubricant if you do this task yourself.
  3. Tire pressure checks: Regularly checking tire pressure is essential to ensure safe and comfortable handling. You can do this for free with a tire pressure gauge or spend a few dollars at a gas station with an air pump.
  4. Brake pad inspection and replacement: Brake pads should be inspected every 6,000 miles or as needed. Replacement costs will vary depending on the brand and quality of the pads but typically range from $50 to $150.
  5. Air filter replacement: This should be done every 12,000 miles or as needed. Replacement costs will vary but typically range from $15 to $50.

It’s important to consider these maintenance tasks and their associated costs when owning a BMW G 310 R 313cc, as they are crucial for keeping the motorcycle in optimal working condition.

Insurance and registration costs

Insurance and registration costs for the BMW G 310 R 313cc will vary depending on factors such as your location, age, riding experience, and coverage options. As the G 310 R falls into the entry-level and lower engine capacity category, insurance premiums tend to be more affordable compared to larger, more powerful motorcycles. Premiums for basic coverage might range from $200 to $500 per year, whereas full coverage could be between $500 and $1,000 annually. Registration costs also depend on your specific jurisdiction, but expect to pay between $50 and $200 for annual registration fees.

Potential reliability issues

The BMW G 310 R 313cc has proven to be a generally reliable motorcycle, thanks to its modern design, quality engineering, and adherence to BMW’s high standards. However, as with any motor vehicle, potential reliability issues may arise through normal wear and tear, manufacturing defects, or improper maintenance. Some common concerns among owners include:

  • Fuel injector issues: Some owners have reported issues with fuel injectors, which can cause poor fuel economy or engine performance. It’s essential to address this promptly to avoid potential damage to the engine.
  • Electrical problems: As with any modern motorcycle with advanced electronics, there’s a possibility of encountering electrical issues such as malfunctioning sensors or display units. Proper maintenance and timely troubleshooting can help avoid these problems.
  • Wear and tear: Over time, components like the chain, sprockets, and brake pads will experience wear and may need replacement. Regular maintenance and inspections can help identify these issues early on.

Overall, the BMW G 310 R 313cc is a reliable motorcycle that, when properly maintained, should provide owners with an enjoyable and trouble-free riding experience.

Community and Support for BMW G 310 R 313cc Owners

Online forums and social media groups

As a BMW G 310 R 313cc owner, one can find a wealth of information and camaraderie through various online forums and social media groups. These platforms serve as a hub for sharing experiences, tips, and advice on everything from maintenance and modifications to the best riding routes. BMW Motorrad enthusiasts convene on sites such as the BMWMOA forum,, and the BMW Bikers Club Facebook Group, fostering a sense of community and support. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit offer numerous groups and pages dedicated to BMW G 310 R enthusiasts where members can exchange ideas, post photos of their bikes, and stay updated on events and promotions.

Local riding clubs and meetups

Local riding clubs and meetups are another excellent avenue for BMW G 310 R 313cc owners to connect with like-minded individuals, share their passion for the motorcycle, and refine their skills. Many cities and regions have their own BMW motorcycle clubs or meetups that regularly organize group rides, social events, and technical workshops. These gatherings not only provide a sense of camaraderie among fellow riders but also offer a platform to learn from more experienced BMW G 310 R owners and professionals. Websites like and local motorcycle club websites can help riders find groups in their area that cater to BMW G 310 R 313cc enthusiasts.

Rider training and courses

Owning a BMW G 310 R 313cc is only the beginning of one’s journey, as proper rider training and education are crucial elements in getting the most out of the experience. BMW Motorrad offers their own Rider Academy, where participants can enroll in a variety of courses tailored to different skill levels and riding styles. In addition to the official BMW training, there are countless other riding schools and courses available, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic RiderCourse. These programs aim to teach riders the essential techniques and strategies to safely navigate the road, understand their motorcycle’s capabilities, and develop their skills as a responsible BMW G 310 R 313cc owner.

Dealer support and aftermarket options

BMW G 310 R 313cc owners can rely on dealer support and aftermarket options when it comes to maintenance, customization, and enhancements. BMW Motorrad dealerships offer comprehensive services such as routine maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting. They also provide genuine BMW replacement parts and accessories, ensuring that the motorcycle maintains its optimal performance. In addition to dealership support, there’s a vast array of aftermarket options available for the BMW G 310 R 313cc. Owners can explore components and accessories from reputable brands such as Akrapovič, Wunderlich, and Puig to customize their motorcycle’s aesthetics, performance, or handling characteristics. This allows each rider to tailor their BMW G 310 R 313cc to their unique preferences and requirements.


In conclusion, the BMW G 310 R 313cc stands out as an exceptional motorcycle that combines unique design, performance, and accessibility. It successfully caters to both beginner riders and urban commuters by offering a balance of agility, comfort, and fuel efficiency. Although the motorcycle faces stiff competition in the sub-400cc segment, its innovative features and customization options set it apart from the crowd. By providing comprehensive support through dealerships, online community platforms, and rider training, BMW has ensured that owning a G 310 R 313cc is not just about the bike, but a complete and enjoyable riding experience.


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