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2023 BMW R Nine T Scrambler

A Brief History

The BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc motorcycle is a result of the successful marriage between timeless design and modern performance. First introduced in 2016, the Scrambler takes inspiration from the classic off-road bikes of the 1960s and ’70s, while incorporating the latest technology and engineering prowess from BMW Motorrad. The concept for the R nineT Scrambler emerged from the popular R nineT series, which was introduced in 2014 as a platform for motorcycle enthusiasts to easily customize and create their unique vision. With the Scrambler, BMW aimed to capture the spirit of freedom and adventure that has always been associated with scrambler motorcycles.

R nineT Series

The R nineT series consists of a diverse and exciting range of motorcycles that cater to various riding styles and preferences. Debuting in 2014, the original R nineT was a retro-styled roadster, targeting custom builders and enthusiasts with its easily modifiable design elements. The series has since expanded to include models such as the R nineT Pure, R nineT Urban G/S, R nineT Racer S, and R nineT Sport, each offering a unique blend of vintage design and modern technology. The R nineT Scrambler 1170cc, in particular, stands out in this lineup for its off-road capabilities and rugged aesthetics.

Scrambler’s Popularity

The popularity of the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc can be attributed to its seamless fusion of old-school charm and contemporary performance. Riders who appreciate the classic scrambler look and the relaxed, upright seating position are sure to be drawn to this motorcycle. Its powerful 1170cc boxer engine, robust construction, and versatile handling capabilities make it an attractive option for both urban dwellers seeking an everyday ride and weekend adventurers looking for off-road thrills. Furthermore, the Scrambler’s abundant customization possibilities allow for endless opportunities to personalize and make the motorcycle truly their own, creating a loyal following of passionate fans around the world.

Retro-modern look

The BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc boasts a captivating retro-modern design, paying tribute to the classic scrambler motorcycles of the past while incorporating contemporary elements. The bike features a purposeful, muscular stance synonymous with the scrambler lineage, accentuated by its exposed frame and minimalist bodywork. Modern touches include the LED headlight and turn signal indicators, which not only serve to enhance the bike’s visual appeal but also improve visibility and safety for riders. The Scrambler’s round instrument speedometer melds both classic and contemporary vibes, offering riders a seamless mix of old-school charm with up-to-date functionality.

Color options

For the BMW R nineT Scrambler, individuality extends to its variety of striking color options. With four paint variants available, aspiring owners can choose a color that best captures their personality and aesthetic preferences. The options include:

  1. Option 719 Underground/Light White – A bold and dynamic combination of earthy Underground hues and stark Light White accents
  2. Granite Gray Metallic – A sleek and sophisticated monochromatic tone, imbued with a subtle metallic sheen
  3. Option 719 Pollux Metallic / Light White – A unique pairing of the warm, vintage-inspired Pollux Metallic shade with contrasting Light White details
  4. Manhattan Metallic Matte – A modern and understated matte finish in a rich and deep metallic shade

Each color variant accentuates the R nineT Scrambler’s character in its own distinct way, affirming the bike’s emphasis on self-expression and individuality.

Customization possibilities

The BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc perfectly epitomizes the spirit of customization. The motorcycle’s design comes with a variety of customizable features, allowing riders to tailor the bike to their own unique tastes and preferences. The optional Option 719 Shadow II billet pack, for instance, enriches the Scrambler’s aesthetics while emphasizing its premium build quality. Furthermore, the short rear end integrates rear light, brake light, and indicator seamlessly, providing an opportunity for riders to further personalize their Scrambler’s look.

Beyond visual customizations, passionate owners can also opt for performance upgrades and functional accessories that suit their riding style and requirements. With such extensive customization possibilities, the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc truly empowers riders to create a one-of-a-kind motorcycle that is an extension of their own individuality.

1170cc Boxer Engine

At the heart of the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc lies its iconic air/oil-cooled, twin-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine which has been meticulously engineered to deliver exhilarating performance. This formidable engine features two camshafts, four radially arranged valves per cylinder, and a central counterbalance shaft, providing both smooth operation and impressive power output. Equipped with an electronic port fuel injection system for precise mixture control, the engine also utilizes a closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, ensuring compliance with stringent emission standards.

The R nineT Scrambler’s boxer engine is not only a testament to BMW’s engineering prowess but also remains an integral part of the motorcycle’s unmistakable character. With its distinctive look and unmistakable exhaust note, the 1170cc engine lends an unmistakable presence to the Scrambler, ensuring it stands out on both city streets and off-road trails. This engine is undoubtedly the soul of the R nineT Scrambler, providing riders with a thrilling and memorable riding experience.

Furthermore, the engine’s performance characteristics have been carefully tailored to suit the unique requirements of the Scrambler. With an optimized power and torque curve, the 1170cc engine delivers peak torque of 85 lbs-ft at 6,000 rpm, providing the motorcycle with robust acceleration and responsive power delivery across the entire rev range. Whether tackling twisty mountain roads or exploring off-road trails, the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc’s boxer engine is always ready to provide an exhilarating ride.

Power and Torque

When it comes to power and torque, the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc leaves little room for disappointment. Sporting a muscular engine that churns out a remarkable 109 horsepower, the motorcycle boasts an impressive power-to-weight ratio that translates to swift acceleration and spirited performance. Coupled with its substantial peak torque output of 85.5 lb-ft, the Scrambler is more than capable of providing exhilarating performance, both on-road and off.

The robust power and torque produced by the R nineT Scrambler’s boxer engine become especially apparent during low-speed maneuvers and off-road exploration. Its substantial low-end grunt ensures that riders can confidently navigate tricky uphill climbs, rocky trails, and loose terrain while still enjoying a thrilling and engaging ride. From adrenaline-pumping high-speed runs to leisurely cruises through the countryside, the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc delivers outstanding power and torque in every situation, ensuring that every ride is a memorable experience.

Moreover, the sophisticated and advanced electronics that govern the engine’s operation also contribute to its excellent power delivery. With the Ride Modes Pro option, which includes Dirt mode, riders can tailor the motorcycle’s performance to suit various riding conditions and personal preferences. This adaptability further bolsters the R nineT Scrambler’s performance credentials, making it a versatile and capable choice for passionate motorcyclists.

Handling and Suspension

On the handling and suspension front, the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc stands out as a truly exceptional motorcycle. Its lightweight modular frame and well-tuned suspension system provide a solid foundation for agile cornering and responsive handling, ensuring that riders can confidently tackle a wide range of terrain and road conditions. The three-section frame design, which has one front section and two rear sections, also features a load-bearing engine-gearbox unit and removable pillion frame for added versatility.

The Scrambler’s front wheel suspension is fitted with telescopic forks, while the rear wheel suspension utilizes a cast aluminum single-sided swingarm with BMW Motorrad paralever, central spring strut, and continuously adjustable spring preload and rebound damping. This sophisticated suspension setup translates to a stable and comfortable ride, inspiring confidence in the rider and enabling them to tackle challenging terrain with ease.

Braking performance is equally impressive, with twin-disc brakes on the front and single-disc brakes on the rear providing ample stopping power and excellent control. Additionally, the R nineT Scrambler benefits from BMW’s advanced Motorrad ABS Pro and Dynamic Brake Control systems, ensuring optimal safety and performance in a variety of riding conditions. Equipped with such exceptional handling and suspension components, the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc delivers both exhilarating performance and outstanding ride comfort, making it the perfect companion for any adventure.

Riding Experience and Comfort

Seating Position

The BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc offers a comfortable and relaxed seating position, which makes for an enjoyable and less tiring ride. With its seat height of 820mm and narrow design, most riders should have no trouble reaching the ground, ensuring stability and control. The handlebars are positioned higher and further back, allowing for a comfortable and upright riding stance. This seating position not only makes for a relaxed ride but also enables better control when traversing undulating terrain or navigating tight corners.

Rider-friendly Features

There are a plethora of rider-friendly features on the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc, making it a highly accommodating motorcycle. The bike comes equipped with standard features like LED headlights, a round speedometer with an LCD display for straightforward and accessible data, and a USB charging socket. Other advanced features, such as Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and different Ride Modes for Rain & Road, further enhance the overall ride experience, providing greater confidence and control. Optional extras, like heated grips and cruise control, are also available for riders seeking an even more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

On-road and off-road Capabilities

When it comes to on-road performance, the BMW R nineT Scrambler excels in handling, stability, and responsiveness. Though the bike may feel slow to turn initially, due to its 19-inch front wheel and raked-out forks, riders will find it to be a capable canyon carver once they become accustomed to its handling characteristics. The suspension offers a firm, yet comfortable ride on various road surfaces, providing stability at higher speeds.

Off-road, the R nineT Scrambler truly shines. The front end exhibits excellent grip and precision, while the suspension effectively absorbs the impact from rough terrain, ensuring a smooth ride. Brakes on the Scrambler provide good control even on loose surfaces, and with the optional Dirt Mode available through the Ride Mode Pro feature, riders can execute more dynamic maneuvers while maintaining control. Though not a dedicated adventure bike, the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc offers plenty of capabilities and enjoyment for riders looking to explore beyond the pavement.

Maintenance and Reliability

Service Intervals

The BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc is designed with longevity and dependability in mind. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure its outstanding performance and reliability. The manufacturer recommends service intervals of every 6,000 miles, or annually, whichever comes first. These service appointments help to keep your motorcycle running smoothly and prevent any potential issues from escalating. Routine maintenance includes tasks such as oil and filter changes, valve clearance checks, and brake fluid replacements. Additionally, every 12,000 miles, it is advised to have a more comprehensive service performed, focusing on components such as the spark plugs, air filter, and coolant.

Common Issues

While the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc is renowned for its reliability, there are a few issues that some owners have reported. One of the most common concerns is the stalling of the engine at low speeds or when coming to a stop. This can often be resolved through a simple software update provided by your local BMW dealer. Another issue that has been reported is occasional gearbox clunkiness, particularly when shifting between first and second gears. In most cases, this is not a major concern, and becoming familiar with the unique characteristics of the gearbox can help to alleviate this problem. Finally, some owners have experienced a slight oil leak from the gearbox output shaft seal. If you notice any fluid leaking from your motorcycle, it is crucial to have it inspected by a trusted dealer.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty coverage for the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc offers peace of mind to owners, with a standard 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty on all new motorcycles. This comprehensive warranty protects you against any manufacturing defects or issues arising from genuine BMW Motorrad parts. Furthermore, BMW offers optional extended warranty coverage, which you can purchase to prolong the length and scope of your protection. This can be particularly helpful for riders who put a lot of miles on their motorcycle or simply want additional assurance. With proper maintenance and adherence to the recommended service schedule, you can enjoy a worry-free ownership experience with your BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc.

Available add-ons

The BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc offers an extensive range of add-ons to enhance the aesthetics, comfort, and utility of the motorcycle. Some popular add-ons include:

  1. Comfort: Heated grips, cruise control, and the comfort seat cater to riders who value long-range satisfaction.
  2. Safety: Enhancements like the adaptive headlight, Ride Modes Pro with Dirt Mode, and off-road tires increase overall safety and control in various riding conditions.
  3. Convenience: Options such as the rev counter with on-board computer, USB charging socket, and rear tracker provide useful information and ease of use during rides.
  4. Style: Customize the wheels with cross-spoked wheels or choose from various paintwork options to make your Scrambler truly your own.

Customization options

The R nineT Scrambler allows riders to express their creativity by offering numerous customization options. Its modular design enables easy modification and personalization to suit individual preferences. Key customization possibilities include:

  • Billet Packs: The Option 719 Shadow II billet pack adds a touch of elegance and sophistication with high-quality aluminum components for the clutch and brake levers, footrests, and more.
  • Short Rear End: Integrating rear light, brake light, and indicators, the short rear end provides a compact and stylish look, making it perfect for further personalization.
  • Functionally-integrated Turn Indicators: These sleek LED turn signal indicators offer a more streamlined and modern appearance.
  • Cylinder Head Covers: Opt for the 2V style cylinder head covers to showcase the classic Boxer engine look.

Performance upgrades

To amplify the performance of the BMW R nineT Scrambler, several upgrades can enhance various aspects of the riding experience:

  1. Exhaust systems: Upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust, such as the Akrapovic slip-on exhaust, can not only improve the bike’s exhaust note but may also result in modest gains in horsepower and torque.
  2. Suspension upgrades: Enhancing the suspension settings, or upgrading to premium suspension components, can provide a more refined and controlled ride over various terrains and riding conditions.
  3. ECU tuning: Updating the bike’s engine control unit (ECU) can optimize engine performance and potentially unlock more power from the 1170cc Boxer engine.

Remember, with any performance upgrade, it is essential to consider the legality of the changes, potential effects on the warranty, and overall safety. Consult with a professional or authorized dealer like Motoworks Chicago to ensure the right upgrades for your R nineT Scrambler.


In conclusion, the BMW R nineT Scrambler 1170cc is a remarkable blend of classic design and modern performance, embodying the spirit of freedom and adventure inherent to scrambler motorcycles. With its captivating retro-modern aesthetics, impressive power and torque, and extensive customization options, the R nineT Scrambler truly caters to a wide variety of riders and their unique preferences. Furthermore, its comfortable seating position and advanced features provide an enjoyable and fulfilling riding experience, both on and off the road. By combining the best elements of vintage scrambler charm with cutting-edge technology and engineering from BMW Motorrad, the R nineT Scrambler 1170cc has established itself as a standout option for passionate motorcyclists seeking a truly exceptional ride.


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