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2023 Triumph Bonneville T-100

The Legacy of the Bonneville Series

The Triumph Bonneville series holds a special place in motorcycle history, tracing its lineage back to the original 1959 Triumph Bonneville. Named after the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where numerous land speed records were set, the Bonneville has become synonymous with classic British design and performance. Over the years, the Bonneville line has expanded to include a range of modern classic motorcycle icons, from the timeless T100 and T120 to the custom-inspired Street Twin, the authentic cafe racer Thruxton RS, and the laid-back custom cruiser Bonneville Speedmaster and Bobber. These motorcycles have captivated riders worldwide, offering the perfect blend of heritage, style, and performance.

What Sets the T100 Apart from Other Models

The Triumph Bonneville T100 sets itself apart as a distinct model within the Bonneville family, offering a more contemporary style while still maintaining its classic lines and iconic styling. The T100 features a torque-rich 900cc HT engine that delivers more power and sharper throttle response with reduced emissions, making it Euro 5 compliant. Furthermore, its higher specification equipment includes enhanced cartridge forks and uprated Brembo brakes which provide excellent stopping power and more control for a comfortable ride. The T100 also incorporates high-specification technology such as ABS, traction control, and a torque assist clutch – blending modern amenities with the timeless appeal of the Bonneville design.

Target Audience and Ideal Use Cases

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is ideally suited for riders seeking a classic motorcycle with modern performance, convenience, and personalization options. With its iconic styling, agile handling, and comfortable riding position, the T100 is perfect for novice and experienced riders alike, looking for a versatile bike that can be used for daily commuting, weekend trips, and relaxed cruising. The T100 is also A2-license compliant, making it an attractive option for younger riders or those with limited experience seeking to own a piece of motorcycle history.

Key Features and Specifications

The Triumph Bonneville T100 boasts an impressive list of features and specifications, including:

  • Euro 5 compliant, torque-rich 900cc HT engine
  • 10PS increase in power and sharper throttle response
  • Enhanced cartridge forks and uprated Brembo brakes
  • High-specification technology, including ABS, traction control, and torque assist clutch
  • Iconic styling with contemporary detailing
  • 117 Genuine Triumph Accessories for personalization
  • 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty
  • Available in three classic colors, along with a limited-edition Chrome Edition

In summary, the Triumph Bonneville T100 offers an outstanding mix of classic styling, modern performance, and customization options, making it a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Engine Specifications and Power Output

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is powered by a Euro 5 compliant, torque-rich 900cc High Torque (HT) engine that offers a significant increase in power compared to previous models. This upgraded engine now produces a total of 64.1 HP at 7,400 RPM, making it more responsive and capable in various riding conditions. The power output of the T100 allows it to deliver a strong performance while also maintaining an ideal balance between power and control.

In addition to the power increase, the high-torque engine is characterized by a sharper throttle response, ensuring that riders can access the perfect blend of performance and handling with confidence. This performance is further enhanced by the T100’s reduced overall weight, resulting in a more agile and engaging machine for a superior riding experience.

Besides the excellent power delivery, Triumph’s engineers have paid special attention to making the engine of the Bonneville T100 more smooth and refined. The engine’s vibration is kept to a minimum, allowing for an enjoyable and comfortable ride even during long journeys.

Transmission and Gearing

The T100’s engine is paired with a six-speed gearbox, which has been designed to offer smooth and precise gear changes while maximizing the engine’s performance throughout the entire rev range. The transmission system ensures a quick and efficient energy transfer between the engine and the rear wheel, contributing to the motorcycle’s overall responsiveness and agility.

Furthermore, the Bonneville T100 features a torque-assist clutch that significantly reduces lever effort when shifting gears, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. This light action clutch makes it easy for riders of different skill levels to maneuver the bike with confidence and ease.

The T100’s gearing is tailored to maximize performance and fuel efficiency, with a perfect balance between city and highway riding. This allows the T100 to deliver an exciting and pleasurable riding experience, regardless of the type of road or chosen route.

Fuel Efficiency and Emissions

The Bonneville T100 offers impressive fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, thanks to its updated 900cc parallel-twin engine. By meeting the stringent Euro 5 emissions standards, Triumph aims to minimize the motorcycle’s environmental impact without compromising its performance, responsiveness, or overall rider experience.

In addition to the engine’s reduced emissions, Triumph has implemented several other efficiency-enhancing features into the T100, such as the liquid-cooling system. This system ensures optimal engine temperature and performance, further improving the bike’s fuel efficiency while maintaining a reliable and consistent ride.

With its blend of performance and efficiency, the Triumph Bonneville T100 is a modern classic motorcycle that not only offers an outstanding ride but is also considerate of the environment and operating costs.

Ride-by-Wire Technology and Throttle Response

The T100 is equipped with ride-by-wire technology that contributes to the motorcycle’s excellent throttle response and accurate fuel delivery. This advanced system allows for a more precise connection between the rider’s wrist and the engine, ensuring an immediate and smooth response to throttle inputs.

With the ride-by-wire system, the Bonneville T100 delivers a sharper throttle response that translates into an engaging and confident ride. This technology allows the T100 to be more reactive to rider inputs and offers a level of control that enhances every aspect of the riding experience.

Moreover, the T100 features switchable traction control that works in conjunction with the ride-by-wire system to provide optimal grip and safety during all riding conditions. This combination of modern technology and classic styling makes the Triumph Bonneville T100 a motorcycle that excels in both performance and rider satisfaction.

Retro-inspired design and modern features

The Triumph Bonneville T100 perfectly blends vintage aesthetics with contemporary advancements. Its retro-inspired design pays homage to the classic Bonneville series, which first debuted in 1959. The T100 features rounded headlamps, a sculpted fuel tank with classic knee pads, and a bench seat which adds to the timeless appeal. Despite its old-school appearance, the motorcycle incorporates modern features like liquid cooling, fuel injection, and switchable traction control.

In addition to its classic design elements, the T100 showcases contemporary details such as blacked-out components and minimalistic bodywork for a clean, modern aesthetic. The motorcycle’s seamless fusion of nostalgic charm with cutting-edge innovation creates a distinctive, attractive design that appeals to a wide range of riders. Whether you’re a seasoned motorcyclist with a preference for classic profiles or a newer rider looking for a visually captivating bike, the Triumph Bonneville T100’s design is sure to impress.

To further enhance its visual appeal, the T100 comes equipped with 32-spoke, wire-spoked wheels and specially developed Michelin Road Classic tires which not only look fantastic but also offer an exceptional riding experience. Moreover, the high-quality finishes and premium materials used throughout the motorcycle exude a sense of sophistication and craftsmanship.

Color options and special editions

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is available in a variety of stunning color options, allowing riders to choose a paint scheme that best suits their taste and style. Some of these eye-catching choices include classic colors like Jet Black and Fusion White with hand-painted coach lining. Riders seeking a more unique look can opt for the limited edition Chrome Edition, which features a chrome fuel tank and other chrome accents, further enhancing the T100’s retro-modern charm.

Aside from the standard and Chrome Editions, Triumph has released several special editions of the T100 in the past, such as the rare 100th Anniversary Limited Edition, the Paul Smith Signature Series, the Bonneville SE, and the Bonneville 50th Anniversary special. These special editions were produced in limited quantities and often featured exclusive paint schemes and design elements, making them highly collectible and sought-after among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Attention to detail and build quality

Triumph’s commitment to quality and excellence is evident in the Bonneville T100’s attention to detail and exceptional build quality. From its precisely crafted components to its meticulously applied paint finishes, the T100 exudes a sense of refinement and durability. Premium materials like stainless steel and aluminum are used throughout the motorcycle to ensure long-lasting performance and increased resistance to corrosion and wear.

The fit and finish on the T100 are nothing short of exceptional, with tight panel gaps and flawless paint application. Triumph’s dedication to manufacturing excellence ensures that every Bonneville T100 not only looks fantastic but also provides a reliable, enjoyable riding experience for years to come. The robust build quality, paired with the T100’s 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty, offers riders added peace of mind.

Customization options and aftermarket accessories

To cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of riders, the Triumph Bonneville T100 offers a wide range of customization options and aftermarket accessories. With over 117 Genuine Triumph Accessories to choose from, riders can personalize their T100 to suit their unique style and riding preferences. Some of these accessories include performance upgrades, comfort enhancements, and custom-styled components. All Genuine Triumph Accessories are designed and tested to the same high standards as the motorcycles themselves, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility.

With an extensive selection of aftermarket accessories readily available, the T100 offers endless possibilities for personalization and customization. From performance exhaust systems to custom saddlebags and luggage racks, there are countless ways to make the Bonneville T100 your own. This freedom to customize and create a truly unique motorcycle makes the Triumph Bonneville T100 an enticing prospect for riders who value individuality and personal expression.

Frame and Chassis Characteristics

The Triumph Bonneville T100 exhibits an exceptional balance of classic style and modern engineering with its frame and chassis design. The motorcycle features a twin-cradle, tubular steel frame that provides stability and rigidity while maintaining the iconic Bonneville silhouette. To achieve agile handling, the motorcycle is equipped with a lightweight aluminum swingarm, further improving the bike’s responsiveness and maneuverability. The Bonneville T100’s chassis has been meticulously designed to provide confident and engaging ride experience, thanks to its thoughtfully crafted frame geometry and optimized weight distribution.

Suspension Components and Performance

High-quality suspension components are vital in delivering a comfortable and enjoyable ride, and the Triumph Bonneville T100 does not disappoint in this department. The motorcycle features a 41mm front fork with 120mm of travel, incorporating cartridge damping technology for enhanced comfort and controlled handling during various road conditions. At the rear, the T100 is equipped with adjustable twin shocks, providing 120mm of travel and ensuring a smooth and compliant ride. The suspension on the Bonneville T100 is finely tuned to deliver a balance of comfort and performance, making every ride a memorable experience.

Brake System and Stopping Power

Superb stopping power and control are essential for a safe and exhilarating ride. The Triumph Bonneville T100 is equipped with a high-performance braking system that includes a 310mm front disc with a two-piston Brembo caliper and a 255mm rear disc with a two-piston Nissin caliper. These robust brake components provide excellent stopping power, allowing riders to confidently manage the motorcycle under various riding conditions. Additionally, the Bonneville T100 comes standard with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), ensuring enhanced safety and control during sudden braking situations.

Rider Comfort and Ergonomics

The Bonneville T100 is thoughtfully designed with rider comfort and ergonomics in mind. The motorcycle features a comfortable dual seat with a low 31.1-inch height, providing an accessible and relaxed riding position for riders of various sizes. The light-action torque-assist clutch minimizes hand fatigue during long rides, while the ergonomically-designed handlebar and switchgear make for easy reach and operation. The Bonneville T100’s rider-focused design elements harmonize to create a comfortable, stress-free ride, whether you’re commuting, touring, or simply enjoying a leisurely weekend ride.

Instrumentation and display

The Triumph Bonneville T100 features a classic twin-pod instrument cluster that seamlessly blends retro styling with modern functionality. The easy-to-read analog speedometer and tachometer dials are complemented by a digital display that provides essential information such as an odometer, trip meter, gear position indicator, fuel level, and range to empty. Premium 3D dial faces enhance readability in various light conditions, ensuring that the rider can quickly access key information at a glance.

Aside from its practical usefulness, the instrument cluster is designed to fit the overall aesthetic of the T100, with polished chrome bezels and subtle Triumph branding that ties in with the motorcycle’s heritage-inspired look. The blacked-out instrument faces further enhance the vintage appeal while still providing a clear and modern display.

The Bonneville T100’s instrumentation and display are indicative of Triumph’s attention to detail in combining classic design and advanced technology. The result is a beautifully crafted piece of equipment that offers both form and function, making sure riders can access information quickly and easily while maintaining the timeless visual appeal of the T100.

Riding modes and rider aids

Despite its classic styling, the Triumph Bonneville T100 is equipped with a range of modern rider aids and safety features that enhance the riding experience. The motorcycle comes with the latest generation of ABS and switchable traction control, ensuring optimal performance and safety in various riding conditions. These technologies are integrated sensitively into the bike’s design, maintaining its classic style without compromising on performance or safety.

Additionally, the T100’s torque-assist clutch delivers a light and smooth feel, making it easy for riders to navigate through traffic or tackle long-distance journeys with minimal fatigue. This feature not only improves rider comfort but also adds confidence to those new to motorcycling, as it makes gear shifts more manageable and less strenuous.

While the Bonneville T100 may not have multiple riding modes like some of its modern counterparts, its suite of rider aids and safety features ensures that riders can enjoy a comfortable, engaging, and enjoyable ride without sacrificing the motorcycle’s classic charm.

Lighting and visibility

Safety is paramount when it comes to motorcycle design, and the Triumph Bonneville T100 is no exception. The motorcycle comes equipped with advanced LED lighting systems, ensuring excellent visibility both for the rider and other road users. The bright and energy-efficient LED headlight, tail light, and turn signals offer long-lasting, reliable illumination in a compact and stylish package.

The high-visibility LED rear light not only enhances the bike’s iconic design but also helps ensure that other drivers can easily see the motorcycle even in low-light conditions. The integration of modern lighting technology into the T100’s retro-inspired design showcases Triumph’s commitment to combining classic aesthetics with advanced safety features.

Furthermore, the bike’s large, round mirrors come housed in chrome casings, providing clear rearward visibility while also complementing the overall classic appearance of the Bonneville T100. Ultimately, the motorcycle’s combination of advanced lighting and carefully designed mirrors ensures that riders can enjoy a safe and well-lit ride, no matter the conditions.

Optional equipment and upgrades

One of the most appealing aspects of the Triumph Bonneville T100 is its customization potential. With over 117 Genuine Triumph Accessories available, riders can easily personalize their motorcycles to suit their specific needs and preferences. These accessories are designed and tested to the same high standards as the bike itself, and they come with a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty, ensuring quality and peace of mind.

Some options for customization include performance upgrades such as exhausts, suspension components, and tuning kits, along with comfort-enhancing accessories like heated grips and various seat options. Cosmetic upgrades, such as custom paint schemes, chrome accents, and stylish luggage options, allow riders to add a personal touch to their T100.

The availability of high-quality optional equipment and upgrades for the Triumph Bonneville T100 empowers riders to create a motorcycle that is uniquely theirs, and truly reflects their individual style and requirements. The customization possibilities are almost endless, making the T100 a versatile and adaptable option for those looking to own a modern classic motorcycle that can be tailored to their specific preferences.

Maintenance and Reliability

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is designed with reliability and easy maintenance in mind. The service intervals for this motorcycle are set at 10,000 miles (16,000 km), which is quite impressive and reduces the need for frequent maintenance. It is recommended that owners adhere to these service intervals and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections of brakes, tires, and other components as outlined in the owner’s manual.

Despite being a reliable motorcycle, the T100 may still encounter some common issues, such as fuel system problems, electrical gremlins, or wear on moving parts. To minimize these issues, it is essential to use high-quality fuel, keep the battery charged and terminals clean, and regularly inspect and lubricate chain components, cables, and pivot points. Ensuring that the motorcycle is stored properly when not in use can also help prevent potential problems related to moisture, dirt, and corrosion.

In addition to regular maintenance, addressing any minor issues immediately can prolong the life of the T100 and enhance its performance. Be mindful of any unusual sounds, vibrations, or performance drops, and have them checked by a qualified technician.

Warranty and Support Options

Triumph offers a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty on the Bonneville T100, providing peace of mind for owners. This warranty covers issues related to manufacturing defects and can be extended with Triumph’s TriStar extended warranty program for additional coverage. Triumph dealerships also provide comprehensive support through their service departments, which are staffed by trained technicians who have access to genuine Triumph parts and specialized tools.

Additionally, Triumph provides a network of authorized dealers and service centers worldwide, so owners can expect competent assistance when traveling or relocating. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through resources such as its online support portal, which offers access to owner’s manuals, service manuals, and warranty information.

Long-term Ownership Experience

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is known for its blend of classic style, modern performance, and excellent reliability. Owners who diligently maintain their T100 can expect a long and enjoyable ownership experience. Long-term owners often praise the motorcycle’s timeless design, ease of handling, and overall reliability.

However, it is essential to consider potential long-term costs associated with maintenance, insurance, and replacement parts when assessing the T100’s overall cost of ownership. Triumph’s commitment to producing high-quality motorcycles and offering excellent support options ensures that owners can enjoy their Bonneville T100 for many years while minimizing any potential issues or downtime.

In conclusion, the Triumph Bonneville T100 is a reliable, easy-to-maintain, and enjoyable motorcycle that provides owners with long-term satisfaction. Adhering to service intervals, addressing minor issues promptly, and taking advantage of Triumph’s warranty and support options can ensure a seamless ownership experience.

How the T100 compares to other Bonneville models

The Triumph Bonneville T100 stands out in the Bonneville lineup as a perfect blend of classic styling and modern performance. While it shares the iconic Bonneville design with its siblings, the T100 differs in terms of engine performance and equipment. It features a torque-rich 900cc HT engine, making it more approachable for intermediate riders compared to the T120 with its 1200cc engine. The T100 also stands out with its enhanced cartridge forks and uprated Brembo brakes, providing better control and stopping power than the base Bonneville model.

In terms of styling, the T100 offers a more contemporary look with its sophisticated detailing, including blacked-out engine components and instrument faces. This contrasts with the more classic chrome finishes found on other Bonneville models like the T120. Additionally, the T100 has 117 Genuine Triumph Accessories for personalization, encouraging riders to make their bikes unique, reflecting their individual preferences.

Comparatively, the Bonneville Street Twin and Thruxton RS offer different riding experiences. The Street Twin is a custom-inspired motorcycle with a more urban-focused design, while the Thruxton RS is a performance-oriented cafe racer, sporting a more aggressive look and increased power output. Overall, the T100 is an excellent choice for riders seeking a balance between classic design and modern performance in the Bonneville family.

Alternatives from other manufacturers

While the Triumph Bonneville T100 is an exceptional motorcycle, it’s worth considering alternatives from other manufacturers. The Moto Guzzi V7 Stone and Kawasaki W800 are two notable competitors, both offering an appealing blend of retro styling and modern features. The V7 Stone features a distinctive transverse-mounted V-twin engine, with a unique character and charm, while the Kawasaki W800 captures vintage aesthetics with its parallel-twin engine and chrome accents.

Other options include the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and the BMW R nineT Pure. The Interceptor 650, with its more accessible price point and British-inspired design, is an excellent option for riders seeking a retro-styled motorcycle without breaking the bank. On the other hand, the R nineT Pure showcases BMW’s build quality and engineering prowess in a stripped-down, minimalist design. These alternatives offer various appealing factors, making it essential to explore all options before deciding on the perfect motorcycle.

Who should consider the Triumph Bonneville T100

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is an ideal motorcycle for riders who appreciate classic styling with modern performance and seek a bike that is both engaging yet manageable. The T100’s 900cc engine gives it a user-friendly power output, making it an excellent option for both intermediate and experienced riders. Its comfortable seat, low riding height, and relaxed riding position further contribute to its accessibility and all-day riding comfort.

Riders looking for a customizable motorcycle will also find the T100 appealing, thanks to its wide range of 117 Genuine Triumph Accessories. With the ability to tailor the bike to their preferences, riders can make the T100 their own. Lastly, the T100 is a great option for those interested in the heritage of the Bonneville family, looking to combine that lineage with modern technology and performance.

Is the T100 worth the investment?

There’s no doubt that the Triumph Bonneville T100 is a worthwhile investment for riders seeking a well-rounded, classic-styled motorcycle with modern performance and personalization options. Its iconic design, upgraded engine, and improved handling make it an attractive option in the retro motorcycle segment. With a starting price of $10,995, the T100 offers an excellent balance between value and performance.

The 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty and the extended service intervals (10,000 miles) further contribute to the T100’s long-term ownership appeal. Its blend of timeless British aesthetics, engaging riding experience, and customization possibilities make it a tempting option for riders seeking the best of both worlds in a retro-inspired modern classic. In conclusion, the Triumph Bonneville T100 is undoubtedly worth considering as a valuable investment in motorcycle enjoyment.

## Conclusion

In conclusion, the Triumph Bonneville T100 is a truly remarkable motorcycle that embodies the best of both worlds – classic styling and modern performance. Its timeless design, user-friendly power output, and extensive customization options make it an appealing choice for riders of various skill levels and preferences. The T100’s blend of advanced technology and traditional charm sets it apart from its competitors, making it a sought-after option for those who value heritage, style, and performance. With its impressive build quality, reliability, and support options, the Bonneville T100 is a motorcycle that will provide riders with years of satisfaction and enjoyment, proving to be a worthy investment in the world of modern classic motorcycles.


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