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2023 Triumph Speed Twin 900

Overview and Features

The Triumph Street Twin 900 is a modern classic motorcycle that combines the heritage of Triumph’s iconic designs with contemporary technology and performance. It’s designed for confident and enjoyable riding, catering to a broad range of riders with its dynamic handling and comfortable ergonomics. Key features of the Street Twin 900 include a torque-rich 900cc Bonneville twin engine, high-specification Brembo brakes, and advanced riding technology such as Road and Rain riding modes, ABS, and Switchable Traction Control.

The Street Twin 900 pays tribute to the original 1959 Triumph Bonneville, boasting beautiful styling cues such as the silhouette, signature knee indents, engine fins, and twin upswept silencers. The motorcycle showcases premium design updates like cast wheels with machined spoke detailing, a stylish bench seat, side panel design, and premium foil tank decals. Moreover, the 2021 edition features upgrades in finish and detailing, enhancing the overall appeal of the motorcycle.

Comfort is a priority for the Triumph Street Twin 900, with a low seat height of 30.31 inches and excellent standover ergonomics. The high-quality bench seat also features thicker seat foam, ensuring a comfortable ride. The motorcycle is equipped with a high-spec suspension system that includes 41mm cartridge front forks and twin rear suspension units, providing a responsive and smooth ride in all conditions.

Engine Specifications

The heart of the Triumph Street Twin 900 is its 900cc HT Bonneville liquid-cooled engine, delivering thrilling performance with a peak torque of 59 LB-FT at 3800 rpm and peak power of 64 HP at 7500 rpm. This powerful and responsive motor provides the iconic British twin sound, making it a popular choice among motorcycle aficionados. The updated engine is also Euro 5 compliant, ensuring that the motorcycle adheres to stringent emission standards.

The ride-by-wire throttle system on the Street Twin 900 enhances the motorcycle’s responsiveness and provides smooth power delivery. It supports two riding modes: Road and Rain, allowing riders to adapt to different situations and road conditions. Additionally, the bike features a torque-assist clutch, which reduces clutch lever effort for a more comfortable riding experience.

The Triumph Street Twin 900 is not only powerful but also efficient, boasting impressive fuel consumption for its class. The motorcycle combines a twin exhaust system with modern engine management technology, offering an engaging and efficient ride that caters to urban commuters and weekend adventurers alike.

History and Development

The Triumph Street Twin 900 carries the legacy of the original 1959 Bonneville, one of the most iconic British motorcycles in history. Over the years, Triumph has built on this heritage, continuously improving and developing their modern classic motorcycles. The Street Twin 900 is a perfect example of this evolution, balancing retro aesthetics with modern performance and technology.

In recent years, the Street Twin 900 has evolved into the sportier Triumph Speed Twin 900, showcasing a rebranded and upgraded version of its predecessor. This refined model offers a more performance-oriented experience while retaining the classic features that made the Street Twin 900 popular among Triumph enthusiasts.

The continuous improvements to the Triumph Street Twin 900 and its evolution into the Speed Twin 900 demonstrate Triumph’s commitment to blending classic design with contemporary technology and performance. This dedication has cemented the motorcycle’s position as a modern classic that appeals to a wide range of riders and fans of the brand.

Why Choose the Triumph Street Twin 900

The Triumph Street Twin 900 is an excellent choice for riders seeking a versatile and stylish motorcycle that offers both classic appeal and modern performance. Its torque-rich 900cc Bonneville engine delivers thrilling power, while the advanced technology features provide a safer and more enjoyable ride. The motorcycle’s comfortable ergonomics make it suitable for riders of varying experience levels, as well as those with a shorter stature.

With its iconic British twin sound and vintage-inspired design, the Street Twin 900 provides a unique riding experience that captivates both new and seasoned riders. The motorcycle’s balance of performance, aesthetics, and advanced technology make it a worthwhile investment for those in search of a cool and versatile motorcycle that embodies Triumph’s heritage and contemporary prowess.

In summary, choose the Triumph Street Twin 900 for its perfect blend of classic design and modern performance, impressive handling, advanced technology features, and comfortable ergonomics. This modern classic motorcycle offers riders a truly enjoyable and engaging riding experience while paying homage to the iconic 1959 Triumph Bonneville.

Classic yet modern design

The Triumph Street Twin 900 boasts a design that is both classic and modern, reflecting the rich heritage of Triumph motorcycles while incorporating contemporary styling cues. The bike’s retro-inspired aesthetics include a timeless, rounded headlamp, twin upswept silencers, and a classic teardrop-shaped fuel tank with signature knee indents. On the other hand, modern elements such as hand-painted tank badges, brushed aluminum touches, and sleek cast wheels with machined spoke detailing lend the Street Twin 900 a contemporary appeal. This seamless blend of old and new design elements creates a visually striking motorcycle that is sure to turn heads on the road.

High-quality materials and craftsmanship

Triumph’s dedication to quality is evident in the materials used and the craftsmanship exhibited in the Street Twin 900. The bike is constructed with a tubular double cradle steel frame, providing a strong and stable foundation. The suspension systems feature high-spec components, including 41mm cartridge front forks and twin rear suspension units, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride. The Brembo 4-piston front brake caliper and high-quality Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires further enhance the bike’s performance and safety. Attention to detail is evident in various parts of the motorcycle, such as the throttle body finishers, brushed aluminum headlight brackets, and the premium bench seat with thicker foam – all reflecting a commitment to excellence in both design and function.

Color options and customization

The Triumph Street Twin 900 is available in a range of stylish color options, allowing riders to choose a paint scheme that reflects their personal style. From the classic Jet Black and Cobalt Blue to the striking Matte Ironstone and the limited-edition Chrome Red Hopper, the color choices cater to a wide array of preferences. Additionally, Triumph offers official accessories and aftermarket upgrades for further customization, enabling riders to personalize their motorcycles to suit their needs and tastes. These options include performance enhancements, comfort upgrades, and aesthetic modifications, all designed to create a truly unique riding experience.

Weight and dimensions

The Triumph Street Twin 900 is an accessible and agile motorcycle, with dimensions and weight optimized for maneuverability and ease of handling. The bike features a low seat height of 30.31 inches (765mm), making it suitable for riders of varying heights and experience levels. Its relatively light weight of 476 lbs (216 kg) contributes to the bike’s nimble and responsive handling, particularly in urban environments and tight corners. The motorcycle’s compact dimensions and relatively low weight, combined with its high-quality components and design, make the Street Twin 900 an enjoyable and confidence-inspiring ride for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Performance and Handling

Engine Output and Character

The Triumph Street Twin 900 is powered by an updated 900cc HT Bonneville engine, delivering a thrilling performance with 64 HP peak power and 59 LB-FT peak torque. The torque-rich engine is designed to offer a responsive and exhilarating ride, perfect for city cruising and spirited weekend rides. The motorcycle produces an iconic British twin sound that will attract attention and satisfy enthusiasts with its delightful exhaust notes.

The engine’s character is defined by its linear power delivery, providing ample low-end torque for quick acceleration and smooth cruising. Its torque curve remains flat throughout the rev range, making for a versatile and enjoyable riding experience. With compliance to Euro 5 emission standards, the Street Twin 900 also demonstrates Triumph’s commitment to producing environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient bikes.

Riding Experience

The Triumph Street Twin 900 delivers a confident and enjoyable riding experience across various riding scenarios. Its upright seating position, low seat height of 30.31 inches, and excellent stand-over ergonomics offer a comfortable and accessible ride for riders of all experience levels. The bike is well-suited to urban environments, thanks to its nimble handling and effortless agility, which makes navigating through traffic a breeze.

On the freeway, the Street Twin 900 holds its own, with its torquey engine and well-tuned suspension providing stability and comfort at higher speeds. While not a high-performance sportbike, the bike’s balanced handling, quick acceleration, and intuitive cornering make for an engaging and pleasurable ride. The two available riding modes – Road and Rain – further enhance safety and performance by adapting throttle response and traction control to suit the conditions.

Suspension and Brakes

The Triumph Street Twin 900 features a high-specification suspension and braking system, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride. The bike is equipped with 41mm cartridge front forks with traditional rubber fork gaiters and twin rear suspension units, effectively absorbing road imperfections for a plush and compliant ride in all conditions.

For stopping power, the Street Twin 900 boasts a Brembo 4-piston front brake caliper with a 310mm disc, offering excellent stopping performance and control. With ABS fitted as standard, riders can confidently apply the brakes without the fear of wheel lock-up, enhancing safety and ride enjoyment.

Fuel Efficiency and Emission

The Triumph Street Twin 900 emphasizes fuel efficiency and low emissions without sacrificing performance. With its Euro 5 compliant engine, motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy the ride without worrying about their environmental impact. The bike’s ability to provide excellent fuel consumption rates makes it practical for everyday commuting and extended weekend trips alike.

While exact fuel efficiency figures may vary based on riding style and conditions, the Street Twin 900 is designed to provide an optimal balance between performance and economy. Coupled with its low emission output, the bike stands as a responsible and exciting choice for riders seeking a modern classic motorcycle that doesn’t compromise on environmental considerations.

Technology and Safety Features

Ride-by-wire and traction control

The Triumph Street Twin 900 incorporates modern technology with its ride-by-wire throttle system. This advanced feature ensures a smooth and instantaneous throttle response, allowing for precise control of the engine’s power output. The ride-by-wire system is also responsible for managing the motorcycle’s traction control, which enhances overall safety by preventing wheel spin in various riding conditions. Traction control can be easily switched on or off by the rider, depending on their preference or specific riding situation.

Furthermore, the Triumph Street Twin 900 offers a refined and intuitive riding experience, as the advanced ride-by-wire system enables seamless transitions between throttle inputs, resulting in a more connected and engaging ride. This cutting-edge feature also contributes to improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and overall better engine performance, bringing a modern touch to a classic motorcycle.

In addition to ride-by-wire, the Triumph Street Twin 900’s traction control system ensures that the rider maintains optimal grip on the road, regardless of the situation. This state-of-the-art safety feature continuously monitors wheel speeds and adjusts the engine’s power output accordingly to prevent wheel spin, ensuring confident handling and a more secure riding experience.

ABS and switchable riding modes

Safety is a top priority for the Triumph Street Twin 900, which is equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) technology. ABS is designed to prevent the wheels from locking up during hard braking, enabling the rider to maintain control and avoid skidding. This safety feature helps riders navigate sudden stops and challenging road conditions with confidence.

Another significant safety enhancement on the Triumph Street Twin 900 is the inclusion of switchable riding modes. The motorcycle offers two distinct riding modes: Road and Rain. These modes alter the motorcycle’s power delivery and traction control settings to suit different road conditions and riding styles. In Road mode, the bike delivers a more responsive and engaging ride, while Rain mode provides a gentler throttle response and increased traction control intervention for enhanced safety on slippery or wet surfaces.

Switching between riding modes is simple, allowing the rider to quickly and easily adapt to changing conditions or personal preferences. This advanced technology provides a customizable and versatile riding experience, giving the rider confidence and control in various situations.

Indicators and instrumentation

The Triumph Street Twin 900 features a stylish and informative single analog speedometer with an integrated LCD multifunctional display. This display provides the rider with essential information such as gear position, fuel level, trip meter, service indicator, and a clock. The clean and easy-to-read design allows riders to access important information without detracting from the motorcycle’s classic aesthetic.

In addition to the LCD display, the Triumph Street Twin 900 also includes self-canceling indicators to further enhance safety. These indicators automatically turn off after the turn is completed, ensuring that other road users are not misled by a forgotten signal. This thoughtful feature demonstrates Triumph’s commitment to designing motorcycles that prioritize rider safety and convenience.

LED lights and USB charging point

To further enhance visibility and safety, the Triumph Street Twin 900 is equipped with modern LED lights. The bike features an LED rear light and LED turn signals, providing bright and efficient illumination in any riding condition. These advanced lighting systems ensure that the rider is easily seen by other road users, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

For added convenience, the Triumph Street Twin 900 also includes a USB charging point located under the seat. This handy feature allows riders to charge their electronic devices on the go, ensuring that they remain connected and can access essential information such as navigation, communications, or entertainment while on the road. This modern touch adds practicality and convenience to an already impressive and versatile motorcycle.

Official Triumph Accessories

To further personalize and enhance your Triumph Street Twin 900 experience, Triumph offers an extensive range of official accessories. These accessories are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring perfect integration with your motorcycle. Some popular accessories include:

  1. Performance Exhaust Systems – Upgrading to a high-quality performance exhaust system, such as the Vance & Hines slip-on silencers, can improve the overall sound, appearance, and performance of your motorcycle.
  2. Luggage Options – For those who enjoy long rides or touring, a variety of luggage options are available, including saddlebags, tail packs, and tank bags to provide you with ample storage space.
  3. Protection and Storage Accessories – Protect your Street Twin 900 with accessories such as engine guards, frame protectors, and outdoor covers to keep your motorcycle in top condition.
  4. Comfort and Styling Upgrades – Enhance the riding experience and customize the appearance of your motorcycle with a selection of seats, windshields, and other styling accessories.

Common Aftermarket Upgrades

In addition to official Triumph accessories, a variety of aftermarket options are available for further customization and performance enhancements. Some popular aftermarket upgrades include:

  1. Suspension Upgrades – Improve the handling and ride comfort of your Street Twin 900 with aftermarket suspension components, such as upgraded fork springs and rear shocks.
  2. Performance Air Filters – Installing performance air filters can improve the engine’s performance and overall efficiency.
  3. Brake Upgrades – Upgrading to high-performance brake pads and rotors can provide increased stopping power and improved brake feel.
  4. Electronics and Lighting – Enhance the functionality and appearance of your motorcycle with aftermarket LED lighting, upgraded gauges, and other electronic accessories.

Custom-Build Examples

The Triumph Street Twin 900 has become a popular platform for custom motorcycle builders around the world, as its classic design and versatile nature allow for endless customization possibilities. Some notable custom builds include:

  1. Café Racer Builds – With its retro styling and performance capabilities, the Street Twin 900 serves as an ideal base for building a modern café racer. Builders often focus on aesthetics and performance upgrades, such as custom bodywork, clip-on handlebars, rearsets, and performance exhaust systems.
  2. Scrambler Builds – The Street Twin 900 can also be transformed into an off-road-inspired scrambler with knobby tires, high-mounted exhaust, and upgraded suspension components.
  3. Bobber Builds – To create a minimalist bobber-style motorcycle, builders often strip down the Street Twin 900 to its essentials, installing a custom solo seat, shortened fenders, and simplifying the overall design.

Recommended Modifications for Different Riding Styles

Depending on your preferred riding style, certain modifications may enhance the overall experience on your Triumph Street Twin 900:

  1. For Touring Riders – Long-distance riders may benefit from comfort upgrades such as a more comfortable seat, wind protection, and luggage options for extended trips.
  2. For Urban Commuters – Commuters may prioritize functionality with storage solutions, such as tank bags or saddlebags, and improved visibility with LED lighting and reflective accessories.
  3. For Performance Enthusiasts – Riders seeking improved performance may focus on engine, suspension, and brake upgrades to enhance their motorcycle’s handling and ride quality.

By selecting the appropriate accessories and modifications, you can create a truly personalized motorcycle that fits your specific riding style and preferences.

Maintenance schedule and costs

Owning a Triumph Street Twin 900 entails adhering to a regular maintenance schedule to ensure the motorcycle remains in optimal condition. The recommended maintenance intervals are 6,000 miles (or 12 months) for minor services and 12,000 miles (or 24 months) for major services. It is important to consult the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines specific to this model.

Minor services typically include oil and filter changes, checking brake pads and fluids, adjusting chain tension, replacing air filters, and inspecting the tires for wear. Major services generally cover valve clearance checks, throttle body synchronization, spark plug replacements, and coolant changes. On average, a minor service can cost around $200 to $300, while a major service might cost between $400 and $600 depending on the labor charges and parts required.

Considering the high-quality build and performance of the Triumph Street Twin 900, these maintenance costs are reasonable in comparison to other motorcycles in its class. Additionally, properly maintaining the motorcycle can help enhance its reliability, resale value, and overall ownership experience.

Reliability and build quality reputation

The Triumph Street Twin 900 is renowned for its reliability and build quality. It features a durable and powerful 900cc Bonneville twin engine, responsive handling, and high-quality components like Brembo brakes and cartridge forks. Triumph has a long-standing reputation for producing motorcycles with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, further contributing to the Street Twin 900’s lasting appeal.

Owners of the Street Twin 900 frequently praise the motorcycle’s performance, reliability, and overall build quality. The model is designed to withstand daily use in various conditions, providing riders with confidence in the longevity of the motorcycle. By adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule and using genuine Triumph parts, owners can ensure their Street Twin 900 remains reliable and enjoyable for years to come.

Warranty terms and support

Triumph offers a robust warranty and support package for the Street Twin 900. New motorcycles come with a standard 2-year unlimited mileage warranty, which covers defects in material and workmanship under normal usage. Additionally, Triumph offers Roadside Assistance for the first year of ownership, providing riders with added peace of mind while on their journeys.

One of the standout aspects of Triumph’s support is their extensive dealer network and responsive customer service. In the event of an issue with the Street Twin 900, owners can rely on Triumph’s certified technicians to provide assistance and ensure a prompt resolution. This strong support system is an essential component of the overall ownership experience and adds to the appeal of the Triumph Street Twin 900.

Community and social events

The Triumph Street Twin 900 is part of a larger community of passionate Triumph enthusiasts who regularly engage in social events and online forums. Owning a Street Twin 900 means being part of this vibrant community, where riders can share their experiences, learn from each other, and participate in group rides and gatherings.

Triumph frequently organizes and supports various community events, including motorcycle shows, rallies, and charity rides. These events provide Street Twin 900 owners with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, showcase their motorcycles, and forge lasting friendships. Furthermore, online forums and social media platforms dedicated to Triumph motorcycles foster a shared sense of camaraderie, offering a welcoming environment for both new and experienced riders.


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