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2024 Triumph Street Triple 765

History of the Triumph Street Triple

The Triumph Street Triple traces its roots back to 2007, when it was first introduced as a nimble, aggressive, and performance-focused naked streetfighter based on the renowned Triumph Daytona 675. From its inception, the Street Triple has been a model that embodies Triumph’s passion for innovation and performance. Over the years, the Street Triple has undergone several revisions, refining its design and capabilities. It has evolved into an even more impressive machine, maintaining its distinct character while incorporating cutting-edge technology and design features inspired by Triumph’s involvement in Moto2™ racing competitions.

Evolution of the 765cc Engine

The Triumph Street Triple 765 is powered by an advanced 765cc inline triple engine, which has seen significant enhancements since its initial development. The current generation of the engine was developed using insights from Triumph’s Moto2™ engine program, resulting in a more powerful, responsive, and efficient powerplant. Improvements include new pistons, con-rods, camshafts, and valves, as well as optimized combustion chambers, contributing to the increased power, torque, and fuel efficiency of the Street Triple 765. Additionally, the updated engine incorporates a revised compression ratio and shorter gear ratios for faster acceleration and enhanced performance across the board.

Comparisons with Previous Models

Comparing the Triumph Street Triple 765 with its predecessors, there are several noticeable improvements that set it apart. Power output is a key distinction, with the 765cc engine producing up to 128HP, a significant increase from the earlier 675cc variant. Handling has also been improved, thanks to the updated chassis, high-specification suspension components, and enhanced braking systems that offer better stability, agility, and confidence-inspiring road manners. Furthermore, the Street Triple 765 features advanced rider electronics, including an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that supports optimized cornering ABS and traction control, providing riders with a more refined and customizable riding experience.

Popularity and Influence in the Motorcycle World

The Triumph Street Triple 765 has earned its place as a highly-regarded motorcycle in the world of performance streetfighters. Its blend of powerful performance, advanced technology, and aggressive design has made it a favorite among enthusiasts and experts alike. The Street Triple 765’s influence can be seen in the growing trend of high-performance naked sportbikes, with many manufacturers seeking to replicate its successful formula. Triumph’s continued dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology and top-notch performance in the Street Triple 765 not only cements the model’s legacy in the motorcycle world but also solidifies Triumph’s reputation as a leading innovator in the industry.

Engine Specifications and Power Output

The Triumph Street Triple 765 is powered by a liquid-cooled, 765cc inline-three engine that delivers impressive performance. The engine is derived from Triumph’s Moto2™ racing program, ensuring optimal power output and responsiveness. The Street Triple 765 R version produces a claimed 118 hp at 12,000 rpm, while the RS model takes it up a notch with 128 hp at 11,700 rpm. Both models benefit from numerous engine upgrades like new pistons, con-rods, camshafts, and valves, which result in increased power, torque, and fuel efficiency. The gearbox also features shorter gear ratios, providing quicker acceleration and an overall thrilling riding experience.

Suspension and Handling

One of the key factors contributing to the Street Triple 765’s exceptional handling is its high-quality suspension system. The R model comes equipped with a fully adjustable Showa suspension, while the RS model boasts the addition of an Öhlins STX40 rear shock absorber. These state-of-the-art suspension components provide a smooth and controlled ride, whether you’re tackling twisty roads or taking on the track. The Street Triple 765’s aluminum frame further enhances its handling capabilities by offering a lightweight and agile feel without sacrificing stability. The combination of these features ensures that the Triumph Street Triple 765 delivers a precise and confident ride, regardless of the environment.

Braking and Safety Features

Safety is paramount on the Triumph Street Triple 765, with the bike equipped with advanced braking systems to ensure reliable stopping power. Both the R and RS models feature Brembo brakes, with the RS model offering an even higher spec M50 front calipers. These high-performance braking systems deliver outstanding stopping power, instilling confidence in riders at high speeds. Additionally, the Street Triple 765 range includes sophisticated electronic rider aids, such as optimized cornering ABS and traction control supported by an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). These cutting-edge safety features work together to provide seamless control and enhance rider safety.

Weight and Dimensions

The Triumph Street Triple 765 has been designed with an emphasis on lightweight agility while retaining a comfortable riding position. The R model has a wet weight of 417 lb (189 kg), while the RS model weighs slightly less at 414 lb (187 kg). The lightweight design of the Street Triple 765 contributes to its exceptional handling and performance capabilities, making it an ideal choice for riders seeking an agile and maneuverable motorcycle. The dimensions of the bike provide a comfortable and natural riding position, with the seat height measuring 32.5 inches (825mm) and an overall width of 29.3 inches (745mm). This combination of lightweight construction and ergonomic design ensures the Triumph Street Triple 765 delivers an enjoyable and exhilarating ride in a variety of conditions.

Triumph Street Triple S

The Triumph Street Triple S is the entry-level model in the 765 range, catering to riders who want a more affordable option without sacrificing performance. It features a detuned version of the 765cc inline-triple engine that produces a respectable 113 hp and 54 lb-ft of torque. This model is equipped with standard suspension components and braking setup, providing a more budget-friendly yet capable package.

Riding modes available in the Street Triple S include Rain and Road, giving riders a tailored experience based on road conditions. The S model comes with a fixed instrument panel, providing essential information with clear and easy-to-read dials. With its accessible performance and lower price point, the Triumph Street Triple S is an ideal starting point for those new to the Street Triple family or sport roadsters in general.

Triumph Street Triple R

The Triumph Street Triple R is the mid-range offering in the lineup, delivering a balance of performance, features, and value for money. It boasts a higher power output of 118 hp, paired with fully adjustable Showa suspension components for greater control and handling. The R model is equipped with Brembo brake packages, ensuring strong stopping power and increased rider confidence.

The Street Triple R also offers more advanced technology than the S variant, including an improved TFT instrument panel and additional riding modes such as Sport and adjustable Rider modes. With its blend of performance, technology, and competitive pricing, the Triumph Street Triple R is an enticing option for riders looking to step up from the S model or seeking an all-rounder sport roadster.

Triumph Street Triple RS

The top-of-the-line Triumph Street Triple RS is the ultimate performance streetfighter in the 765 range, designed for riders who demand the best of the best. With a stunning 128 hp output, this model provides exhilarating acceleration and power delivery. Superior suspension components from Showa and Öhlins, as well as a high-spec Brembo braking package, offer unparalleled handling and control.

The Street Triple RS features advanced rider electronics, including adjustable cornering ABS and traction control, with a total of five riding modes, including Track mode. The RS model also boasts a premium TFT instrument panel and customizable display themes. For riders who seek uncompromising performance and cutting-edge technology, the Triumph Street Triple RS is the pinnacle of the range.

Differences and Unique Features

While all models in the Triumph Street Triple 765 family share the same core DNA, there are distinctive differences in performance, technology, and equipment that set them apart. The Street Triple S provides accessible power and pricing for entry-level riders, with a simplified instrument panel and standard suspension and brakes.

The Street Triple R raises the bar with increased power output, fully adjustable Showa suspension, Brembo brakes, and a more advanced TFT instrument panel. The top-spec RS variant takes performance to the highest level, with the highest horsepower, premium suspension components from Öhlins, and advanced rider electronics such as cornering ABS and traction control, making it the ultimate choice for performance enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Triumph Street Triple 765 range offers three distinct models with unique features to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of riders, from the entry-level S to the high-performance RS. Each model showcases the core attributes of the Street Triple family: power, agility, and technology, giving riders a versatile and engaging experience.

Customization and Accessories

Genuine Triumph Accessories

Triumph offers a wide range of genuine accessories specifically designed for the Triumph Street Triple 765 to enhance its performance, appearance, and functionality. These accessories include high-quality components such as ergonomic seats, adjustable levers, and windshields that add comfort and customization to the motorcycle. Protection accessories such as engine covers, frame sliders, and radiator guards protect the bike in case of a fall or accident, while styling accessories like tank pads, chain guards, and custom paint schemes give the motorcycle a unique and personalized look. Lastly, performance accessories like exhaust systems, quickshifters, and tuning kits can further improve the already impressive performance of the Street Triple 765. It’s important to choose genuine Triumph accessories to ensure proper fit, quality, and compatibility with the motorcycle.

Aftermarket Parts and Modifications

In addition to Triumph’s genuine accessories, a vast selection of aftermarket parts and modifications are available for the Triumph Street Triple 765. These parts include suspension upgrades, custom exhaust systems, and tuning kits that unlock the bike’s full potential. Aftermarket components offer a more extensive array of options to suit individual rider preferences, tastes, and budgets. Leading aftermarket brands like Akrapovič, Öhlins, and Brembo provide top-quality products that cater to different needs and riding styles. However, it’s essential to research and choose reputable aftermarket parts to ensure compatibility, quality, and proper installation to avoid potential issues or voiding the motorcycle’s warranty.

Popular Customization Ideas

Popular customization ideas for the Triumph Street Triple 765 range from simple cosmetic changes to performance-enhancing upgrades. A few popular ideas include:

  • Exhaust upgrades: Replacing the stock exhaust with a performance-oriented aftermarket option not only improves sound but can potentially increase power output and reduce weight.
  • Suspension upgrades: Upgrading the suspension with aftermarket components, such as adjustable forks or rear shocks, can improve handling and offer personalized tuning options.
  • Custom paint jobs and graphics: Personalize the motorcycle with custom paint jobs or decals to make it truly unique.
  • Fender eliminator kits: Replacing the stock fender with a sleeker, more compact option for a cleaner appearance.
  • LED lighting upgrades: Upgrading to LED headlights, tail lights, or turn signals enhances visibility and gives the bike a modern look.

Importance of Personalization

Personalizing the Triumph Street Triple 765 not only creates a unique, custom look but also allows riders to tailor the motorcycle to their specific preferences and riding styles. By selecting the right combination of accessories, aftermarket parts, and customization ideas, each rider can create a bike that truly reflects their personality and meets their performance expectations. Personalization also enhances the ownership experience, as it creates a sense of pride and attachment to the motorcycle that goes beyond simply riding a stock bike. In essence, customizing the Triumph Street Triple 765 allows riders to truly make their motorcycle their own, with the added benefit of improved performance, comfort, and style.

Maintenance and Reliability

Triumph Street Triple 765 owners can expect a reliable and well-crafted motorcycle, thanks to its meticulous engineering and high-quality components. Regular maintenance, including timely oil changes, chain lubrication, and tire pressure checks, will ensure the bike’s optimal performance over time. The liquid-cooled 765cc inline-Triple engine is derived from the Moto2 race engine program, reflecting its pedigree and performance capabilities.

Triumph motorcycles have a reputation for robust build quality, and the Street Triple 765 is no exception. With proper care and attention, these motorcycles will provide a dependable and enjoyable ride for years to come. Furthermore, Triumph offers a comprehensive 2-year unlimited mileage warranty, providing additional peace of mind to new owners.

In terms of maintenance intervals, the Street Triple 765 requires minor services every 6,000 miles and a more extensive service every 12,000 miles. These intervals ensure that the bike continues to perform at its best, while also adhering to Triumph’s recommended service schedule contributes to its long-term reliability.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The Triumph Street Triple 765 provides a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience, suitable for various riding conditions, from spirited track days to long-distance touring. The bike’s ergonomics cater to a diverse range of riders, with a seat height of 32.5 inches on the R model and 33 inches on the RS model, allowing for greater comfort and control.

The bike’s handlebars are designed for a natural reach, minimizing wrist strain and ensuring a relaxed riding position. The footpegs are placed ideally for easy access, and the generously padded seat offers ample support for both rider and passenger during longer journeys.

Furthermore, the Triumph Street Triple 765 comes with fully adjustable suspension, allowing riders to dial in their preferred settings for optimal comfort and handling. With the right adjustments, the motorcycle promises a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience tailored to each owner’s unique preferences.

Fuel Efficiency and Running Costs

One of the notable aspects of the Triumph Street Triple 765 is its impressive fuel efficiency. Thanks to the updated engine components and optimized combustion chambers, the 765cc inline-Triple engine provides not only increased power and torque but also improved fuel economy.

On average, the Street Triple 765 can achieve a commendable fuel efficiency of approximately 50 mpg, making it a cost-effective choice for those seeking performance without sacrificing economy. However, it’s essential to note that individual riding styles and conditions will influence actual fuel consumption.

When considering running costs, the Street Triple 765’s maintenance and servicing requirements should also be factored in. As mentioned earlier, adhering to Triumph’s recommended service schedule will contribute to the bike’s reliability and performance over time. Overall, the motorcycle offers an attractive balance of power, efficiency, and affordability for a performance streetfighter.

Triumph Community and Support

Triumph has cultivated a loyal following of enthusiasts who appreciate the brand’s storied history, engineering prowess, and distinctive styling. Owning a Triumph Street Triple 765 grants access to this tight-knit community, which often organizes group rides, events, and online forums for owners to connect.

Triumph owners can also benefit from the company’s comprehensive support network, which includes authorized dealerships and dedicated customer service representatives. Whether seeking advice on maintenance or parts, owners can readily access useful resources and expert guidance.

Moreover, riders seeking to further personalize their Street Triple 765 will find a wealth of resources within the Triumph community, from genuine Triumph accessories to popular aftermarket modifications. In summary, the ownership experience of a Triumph Street Triple 765 is elevated by the vast community and support network, which adds an additional layer of value to an already exceptional motorcycle.

Comparison with Key Competitors

The Triumph Street Triple 765 faces competition from several notable motorcycles in the naked sportbike segment. Key competitors include the Yamaha MT-09, Kawasaki Z900, and KTM 790 Duke. The Yamaha MT-09 boasts a strong CP3 triple-cylinder engine and a premium suspension system from its sports sibling, the YZF-R1. The Kawasaki Z900 combines a powerful inline-four engine with agile handling and excellent ergonomics for a comfortable yet thrilling ride. Lastly, the KTM 790 Duke features a potent parallel-twin motor and a host of advanced electronics, such as lean-sensitive traction control and cornering ABS. While each competitor offers strong performance and unique features, the Triumph Street Triple 765 stands out with its Moto2-derived engine and technology, providing riders with a highly refined and engaging experience on road and track.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Triumph Street Triple 765 exhibits numerous strengths that make it a leading contender in its class. Its Moto2-inspired 765cc triple-cylinder engine delivers smooth, linear power throughout the rev range, enabling effortless acceleration and superb mid-range torque. Additionally, the Street Triple benefits from cutting-edge electronics, including multiple riding modes, ABS, and a quick-shifter, ensuring rider safety and confidence. High-quality suspension and braking components contribute to the bike’s remarkable handling and stopping power. However, no motorcycle is perfect, and the Street Triple 765 has a few minor weaknesses. The aggressive styling may not suit everyone’s taste, and its high-performance nature could be intimidating for new riders. Furthermore, its price point is slightly higher compared to some of its rivals, which may deter cost-conscious buyers.

Price and Value for Money

When considering the value for money, the Triumph Street Triple 765 fares well against its competition. While its starting price may be higher than some rivals, the Street Triple offers a wealth of features and advanced technology that justifies the premium. The quality of build and components, coupled with the highly refined and powerful engine, supports the notion that riders are investing in a superior motorcycle designed for long-lasting performance and enjoyment. Furthermore, the various trims available within the Street Triple 765 range provide options for riders with different budgets and performance requirements, ensuring that Triumph accommodates a wide array of customer needs.

Market Trends and Future Outlook

The naked sportbike segment has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by an increasing demand for versatile, high-performance motorcycles offering a blend of agility and power. The Triumph Street Triple 765 has not only adapted to these market trends but has emerged as a leader in the naked sportbike category. Looking to the future, Triumph is well-positioned to capitalize on expanding market opportunities by continuing to innovate in performance, technology, and design. One potential avenue for Triumph is the growing interest in electric motorcycles, where the brand could leverage its expertise in performance engineering and technology to develop a cutting-edge electric streetfighter. Regardless of the direction the market takes, the Triumph Street Triple 765 will likely remain a dominant force within the segment for years to come.



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